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[QUOTE=excop22;4251783]how long does it take for a new nail to grow. I damaged my big left toe during a few soccer games.. I just today pulled off the last ramaining nail there was.. it looks ugly. no nail to be seen, just a deep ridge that look bloodied, which i did see when the nail was on.. it looked brused.. wonder what my chances are in getting a new toe nail. this all started 3 months ago till now.[/QUOTE]

Not sure if you're still accessing this post but if it's any help... I used to be an avid runner and damaged the nail on my left big toe. It looked unsightly (sounds exactly like what you're describing) so I feel your pain. I was only 19 and into strappy heels and sandals so I wouldn't leave well enough alone and kept cutting away at it in an attempt to improve the appearance. DON'T. Let it be!

I was left with just a sliver of nail bed and so fOr years, I applied acrylic to it to make it look real (a salon can do this for you). It fooled everyone but I spent the last 13 years avoiding everything fun in fear of ripping it off. EVen something as simple as dancing in a club worried me--ridiculous, really, but like I said, I was into fashion and shoes and so the ugly toe was pretty upsetting.

In any event, I finally decided enough is enough and pulled of the acrylic to give what was left of the poor hapless nail bed a chance to breathe. 13 years later, I wasn't expecting much but I was tired of protecting the darn thing. It looked as though it was trying to grow back under the acrylic so I bought some Cellfood (liquid oxygen and minerals) and started putting a drop or two on it every few nights. Amazingly enough, after 13 years of a bumpy, bruised nailbed and smooth skin (in other words, no chance of ever getting my nail back), my nail is growing back. It'll probably take a year to do so but I'll take what I can get.

In the meantime, I hope to help anyone with a similar problem by saying, first and foremost, DON'T mess with the nail as it tries to heal. No matter how ugly it looks, no matter how much the new growth peels, LEAVE IT ALONE! If you want to speed up the recovery, than definitely look into the's about $30 for a tiny bottle but it'll heal anything. It hurts on an open wound (be forewarned) but the stuff is gold and my husband and I use it for everything. Than, just wait and let nature take it's course. If you don't mess with it, it should grow back pretty normal. Hopefully, a year from now, I can say mine did! :O)

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