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Over the last 10 years I have had this gradual increase in separation from the nail and the bed on my fingernails. It started with (I believe) nail polish remover. I noticed that one of my nails separated from the bed. As the years went on, one more would separate and and another and now all of them have. It's not painful, but I can feel it when it happens. Usually with some type of pressure or moisture that is applied, they quickly separate. I have went to the doctor who treated it like a fungus and the prescription didn't help. I have tried various lotions, diet changes, and even watching the use of the nails and there is no change. The nails themselves all look to have a tiny bit of discoloration but only if you look closely and you can see the ridges on top of the finger nails. I'm currently a week into a nail and hair vitamin supplement, but I have little hope that this will work. All of the nails are separated from the bed between a quarter to halfway down. It is extremely embarrassing but not painful. Any suggestions on what this could be?

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