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I was coming in late last night and in my haste to get inside, I closed our metal gate on my left hand, ring finger. I caught the nail and the tip of the finger in the gate and was immediately met with a sharp pain. Thinking this was just another "finger caught in the door" pain I thought nothing of it. But I did hear a cracking sound. Upon further inspection I realized that I had cracked the nail all the way down the nail, from the tip to the cuticle. It's a hairline crack, barely visible and it's almost directly centered on the nail. It doesn't hurt A LOT but there's almost a dull throbbing pain. The crack went all the way through the nail cause I can see it on the bottom side too, but the nail is still intact. Even putting light pressure on the nail, it doesn't move. So I put a clear coat on the nail to try and keep the two halves together. But the nail and finger still hurt. Is this pain just from the gate hitting it, or should I be worried about my actual nail also being cracked and something worse happening? Please help me out :)

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