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Double toenail?
Sep 26, 2011
About 20 years ago, my desk in school fell on my toe and the nail popped off. I think I damaged the nail bed because when my nail grew back, it was never the same. It's shaped weird, and I had a lot of infected ingrowns, and then eventually got a fungus. I've had the fungus for years, but I finally decided to treat it with one of those brush-on anti-fungal solutions. I've been treating it for a few months now, and the only difference I see is that there's not gross multi-colored fungus under my nail, but the nail itself is still really yellow, even at the bottom where the nail has been growing since I started treating it. Anyway, I have a question. My nail on that foot has always been very thick- I'm not sure if it's all because of the fungus or partly because of the damage from the injury, but after I started treating for the fungus, I went to trim the nail, and what I thought was dead skin or dead fungus was really hard and was attached to the nail so that the nail was so thick I couldn't get it into the end of a nail clipper to clip it. But I could definitely tell there was a difference in the two layers. A few days ago, I got the two layers to separate, but it's as if there are two toenails now. The one underneath is softer than the one on top, but it still seems like a nail. I was able to trim the top nail a bit, but when I tried to see how far underneath I could separate the two layers, it began to hurt when I got to one point. So it's weird... has my toenail been dead for a while because of the fungus and a new one was growing underneath without causing the top one to detach? The one on top is really attached to the root, it seems, but there's a line, almost like the beginning of a new layer that has grown up since I started treating the fungus... there was one time a number of years ago that the fungus caused most of my nail to become detached and I didn't know about it, and when I accidentally kicked the coffee table, the nail popped off (but it hurt and bled because some of it was still attached.
Anyway, to get to the point, is it possible to have a "double" toenail because of a fungus?

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