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Missing Toe nail
Jan 20, 2012
So about a month ago I jammed my middle toe on the left foot into the internals of an elliptical machine. Cut the tip of the nail and skin, bleed like it should, wrapped it and after a day it went back to looking like It was just flesh wound. Nail never went black nothing. Everything was perfect, until two nights ago I felt my Toe catching on the sheets in bed, so I got up to investigate it and the toe nail was sticking strait up almost. The nail had separated from the nail bed and was only attached in the rear. So I laid the nail back down put a band-aid on it and went to bed. So last night I attended to the nail, I was just going to cut it back as far as possible, well while doing this I ended up pulling the entire nail out, keep in mind the nail still doesn't look dead or anything. Now I have a nice deep hole in my toe where the nail had once been under the skin and rested. So will the nail grow back in 18 months, or is it possible I damaged the root enough to where it will not grow back?


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