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Hi all

I had some acrylic nail extensions wth a UV gel top coat put on 6 days ago in a salon I hadn't visited before. I hadn't had nail extensions for about 5 years but wanted them for a special occasion. I noticed straight away that my natural nail was not glued in it's entirety to every nail extension and as the week has gone on I can see small debris lodged between the nail and the extension. I seem to recall when I had them before that the nail should be totally glued to the extension with no gaps. I have also had some lifting of the acrylic near the cuticle on a few of them.

I have been very careful in the care of my hands this week and I'm a bit dismayed at what has happened. I don't want infection setting in.

As the fingernail is not properly adhered to the extension, should I go back and have them removed / redone? Do you think I should ask to have this done for free as the workmanship is sub-standard?

Thanks in advance for your feedback. It's been a while since I had the nail extensions and I want to ensure my natural nails are kept as good as possible.

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