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Buy yourself a pretty ring. Buy ten if you have to. I bit my nails til they bled for twenty-two years until I got engaged. When I saw my beautiful diamond ring on ragged fingers, I was so ashamed and disgusted that I quit and haven't bit since. Buy yourself a nice ring, and every time you go to bite your nails, look at it and remember the money you spent on it and how unattractive it will look on your hand if you bite your nails. Good luck! :)

P.S. I tried all that other stuff, too, including the gum and candy, special nail polishes, the rubberband around my wrist, you name it. None of it worked til I got the ring. Once I did, I found that the nasty-tasting nail polish (that had not worked alone) helped to remind me if I put my finger in my mouth. Then, I'd look at the ring while tasting sour chili-pepper nail polish, and I'd never want to chew my fingers again!! It also helps to keep any ragged edges filed smooth so that they don't catch on anything. If they do, your temptation to bite the edge with quadruple!! Also, I'd stay away from the acrylic nails, which I think you probably will anyway. They tear up your natural nails which don't seem to grow much underneath. Half the battle against biting is getting some length to your natural nails. If they start to look nice and get some length, you'll be less tempted to bite them.

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