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Hi everyone,

I feel like I have become an expert on toe nail fungus. I first came on this board and asked for Marti's help well over a year ago.....and that is exactly how long it took to cure it a whole year and a half.

What everyone has to understand is that it dosen't matter if you take oral meds (btw they are soooooo bad for you) or treating the nail topically, it will take at leat 6 months to a year or more to grow off an entire big toe nail. What is yellow and infected WILL NOT clear up, that is dead tissue that cannot be helped, it had to be pushed off by the new nail growing and get clipped off slowly, until the new healthy nail is fully grown.

I had my fungus infection on my big toe nail for about 7 years. Statred out as a white spot then grew bigger, my nail got thicker and thicker, turned yellow, had debris underneath......evntually lifted and seperated and became deformed. I was mortified. Being a woman, and not to toot my own horn, but I take amazing care of myself and take pride in my looks, only to have to sand down this ugly nail and paint it with dark polishes to try to conceal it. I did that for years but then when the nail began to seperate and become deformed.....I knew I had to do something about it. Doctor wanted me to go on Lamisil and after I heard about the side effects I said no thanks.

I then desperately went on the web and started investigating. I am living proof that YES VINAGER DOES WORK. It is not a myth! You have to use 5% acetate (the cheap kind in the grocery store).

Take off all polish---fungus loves to hide under it and your nail can't breathe with it on.

Twice a day (every 12 hours or so) drop with an eye dropper bottle, or soak a Q-tip whatever.......but do not soak. Drop the vinager onto your cuticle and rub it in or just let it soak in. What happens is fungus cannot grow in an acid environment so the vinager goes in through the tiny cracks in your cuticle into the new nail tissue being grown that day deep inside and prevents the new nail from becoming infected.

Eventually if done EVERYDAY....TWICE A DAY (I do it morning and night) NEVER MISS A DOSE, in doing so the fungus can jump onto the new nail if unprotected.

My new nail is flat, pink and beautiful again. Remember it took well over a year, but just think of how long I had the infection. I had lost all hope. This will be the first summer in almost 8 years that I have no fear of someone looking at my feet. I am sooooo looking forward to it!!! And it is a cheap, SAFE solution to this ugly, embarrassing problem.

Another thing I noticed.......I have been putting viinager on all my toes even though I only had the infection on one big toe nail. All my nails have this little indentation on the very top showing a nicer flatter clearer growth below it, so I think all my toenails were starting to show a very slight sign of infection and the vinager nipped that in the bud.

I really want to help anyone who read this and is wondering if it really is a isn't. PLEASE TRY IT........but be very diligent and follow the protocol to a tee...........twice a day, everyday and don't expect to see anything exciting for a least 2 months, your new nail grows deep inside and dosen't come out for a while, so you think it's not working, but it is.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

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