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... which I find totally gross, on the same level as toenail biting, but in this healing context, I get it. ... (6 replies)
... winter but still may grow back over time. Mainly do not pick at the nail, and keep the nails clean, dry and softened, and very gently keep the edges smooth with a sanitized file. No rough filing. ... (6 replies)
... Hi everyone!! I am a 24 yr old healthy female and I have had this small black spot under my big toenail for approx 6 months...I think. ... (2 replies)

... months to grow back in. I would check to see if there is a fungal infection that caused the nail to fall off. If so, it will be much easier to treat while the nail is gone before it grows back. ... (5 replies)
Lost big toenail
Aug 22, 2010
... How long does it take for a big toenail to grow back? ... (0 replies)
... he nail. The nail is still attached at the bed near the cuticle but the nail is sticking up. I soaked it in salt water, then applied antibacterial ointment and a bandage. My question is should I cut the nail off? ... (1 replies)
... anyways, the corner of my big toenail turned light brown and I am not sure what it is? ... (1 replies)
... asleep and partially separated my big toenail from the toe. It has been slowly bleeding and ozing ever since even though I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide. Is this a potentially dangerous injury? ... (0 replies)
... Hey, everyone. I first discovered this a few weeks ago, and it has since become slightly more noticeable. My left big toenail doesn't appear to be growing anymore. The entire nail appears to be of a darker red color than my right one. ... (3 replies)
... Recently discovered a brownish dark spot under my big toenail I recently wore tight shoes for two days and that has hurt my toe. Pain has gone away after the two days. ... (2 replies)
Big toenail issues
Apr 16, 2012
... I am not sure what is going on with my right big toenail. It came off about a year ago and when it grew back the right, or inside corner didn't grow. It became like a big calus on the corner of my toe. It drives me crazy! ... (1 replies)
... I ripped my big toenail off about 5 months ago and it is regrowing but now it is starting to feel sore when pressure is applied to it and it itches a bit. What do you think? ... (1 replies)
... My left big toenail splits vertically down the middle. It starts splitting when it reaches the tip of my toe and continues no matter what I do. ... (3 replies)
... Over the past couple of months, a black line has grown along the side of my big toenail right up along the skin. It is getting longer. It's not painful but unsightly. ... (1 replies)
... Ive had a strange deep groove in my left big toenail for about a year now. it started randomly one day and has gotten slightly bigger over time though it has stopped getting bigger now. ... (0 replies)
... months to grow back. Find yourself a good nail tech who specializes in sculptured acrylic nails and have them sculpt a toenail for you. This can be maintained until the natural nail grows back. ... (7 replies)
... I have battled a fungus under my big toenail for many years. ... (1 replies)
... I have a very straight line across my left big toenail, near the lunula. I do have a slight fungus under the nail that I can see. Could the fungus cause the straight line? ... (1 replies)
... At work I was merchandising the store about a month ago, and upon pulling one of the heavy tables across the floor I stubbed and cracked my left big toenail, about halfway up the white half moon portion of the nail. ... (1 replies)
... This Spot Takes On No Apparent Shape And Is A Dark Brown Color As Well. Please Help With This! ... (4 replies)

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