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... Cut the nail back as far as you can without causing bleeding or undue pain. ... (2 replies)
... Over a month ago i got my nails done with fake gel extensions. the next day i jammed my right pinky going up the stairs and it ripped the nail out from the root. only a small part of the corner of the nail was still attached at the base. ... (1 replies)
... Also will my nail turn black and blue and when it grows out will it fall off? ... (0 replies)

... upulous salons use a liquid called MMA to create the nails. MMA has been deemed deleterious to the nails by the FDA in the 70's and has been banned for use as a nail chemical by most of the 50 states. ... (4 replies)
... Last week, I had an acrylic nail placed on my big toe nail because it was cracked and kept getting caught in threads and things, and getting worse. ... (0 replies)
... hey today in class my acrilic nail ripped off my real nail and there was blood everywhere and it severly hurts. my acrylic nail didnt all the way come off its still hanging on part of the nail that didnt come off. im in serious pain!!! someone give me advice to what to do? ... (1 replies)
... About two weeks ago, I moved a couch and just slightly bumped the end of my big toe on the couch. Well I had a acrylic nail on it and it ripped the nail clean off my foot. ... (0 replies)
... You need to soak off the product on that nail immediately. You can go to my website for instructions on how to do this. www. ... (5 replies)
... I have exactly the same thing on both thumbs. Did you get any reply on your question? (1 replies)
... If your natural nail was ripped off along with the acrylic, the exposed nail bed will be damaged. ... (1 replies)
... I just smashed my toenail now some 25 years later snowboarding, and it appears the nail base is separated from the bone and loose. This can happen from stubbing a toe, acrylic finger nails getting caught on something, etc. ... (2 replies)
Nail Seperation
Sep 19, 2005
... Waht she should do is go to her doctor and have him cut away the lifted nail plate because he can deaden the area so it won't hurt her so much. ... (1 replies)
NAil avulsion
May 24, 2006
... The type of acrylic you wear may be responsible for the nail plate separating in the manner you described. ... (1 replies)
... On Tuesday, I smashed my left pinky nail in the door of the car where the glass meets the rubber seal. It cut my nail completely in two. ... (19 replies)
... that's where the 'pink' color comes from. Yes, the nail will continue to grow from the Matrix and push the lifted portion off the free edge. This can take up to 3 months, depending on your genetics for nail growth. ... (3 replies)
... Clean it with peroxide and apply antibacterial ointment, but DO NOT tear the nail off. Apply a clean gauze bandage to the nail and tie it on with a small piece of gauze. You do not want to use a bandaid as they do not 'breathe' like gauze does. ... (1 replies)
Nail splitting
Nov 29, 2007
... but now there is a slightly raised line the whole way to the end and its splitting a little to the side of the raised line. is the gel acrylic you are referring to a fake nail? ... (8 replies)
Nail Seperation
Sep 18, 2005
... Two weeks ago my fiance fell up the stairs and caught her big toenail on one of the stepps. It ripped the toenail from her toe all the way back to the base of the nail. ... (1 replies)
... I'm afraid this is going to be a LONG answer because you need a little background on acrylic first. There are two different types of acrylic being used to create nail enhancements in the beauty industry. ... (1 replies)
... If the acrylic was bonded so tightly to the nail plate that it ripped off her natural nail, she may have a good lawsuit against the salon. ... (4 replies)

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