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After Acrylic
Aug 3, 2005
... The skin around the nail unit was probably irritated by the nail technician not watching what she was doing when she was finish filing. If she filed your skin, it would be red, irritated and sore for quite a few days or more. ... (2 replies)
... she probably filed too much of your natural nail plate away in an attempt to get the product to adhere to your nail plate. This type of technique is referred to as "etching", which is a technique we used in the 70's when we didn't know any better. ... (6 replies)
... I am a chronic nail biter, and have very little natural nail. I got desperate and had some acrylic nails put on today, and I'm in a lot of pain! My fingertips are throbbing and I am so sore it hurts to touch anything, and even to type right now. ... (6 replies)

... the natural nail gets dried out and curls away from the tips. Go to Sally Beauty Supply and get some Botanical OIl from the nail department. Apply this to your nails, and the underside of the nails, at least twice daily. ... (6 replies)
Acrylic nails
Jun 10, 2012
... hi there iv just recentley done my nails put nail tips on with acrylic and all my nails have gone sore around my nail bed they blisterd and are very sore iv done my nails a hundrerd of times but never have they gone like this can any one tell me if there ever had this problem (2 replies)
... Overfiling of the natural nail during prep or for fills is the leading cause of nail plate thinning. ... (1 replies)
Lost thumb nail
May 17, 2006
... Then as it was trying to grow back it hurt worse,esp. on the other side where the nail still was attached.So I had to take the other side of my nail off,hurt like heck.Now any time it tries to grow,it hurts!! I have no nail at all,and I get these painful pieces that grow on the sides where the cutical's are. ... (1 replies)
... Did you have acrylic or gel tips put on your nails? ... (2 replies)
... a couple days afterward, it went away and now it isn't a problem anymore...even when I get fills done they don't hurt. I think it was just because they file the nail down. If it continues to hurt, you could always call a nail place and just ask them if it is normal, but I know mine were sore for a couple days. ... (6 replies)
... I had acrylic nails for 6 months. I would go every 2 weeks to have them filled in. ... (1 replies)
... you should not have blistering with fake nails, i recommend seeing a dr. , you could have bacteria or fungus under the fake nail. as for the new set of nails i think it is because then fake tips they glue on have a different curve than your real nails which is constantly pushing/pulling your real nails around. it happens everytime i do my nails. the pain will go away after... (2 replies)
... about the last year that I have been getting my nails done I have been experiencing itching red blister like bumps around my entire nail. The itching is so sever and painful. Does any one know what to do about it? I swear I must be allergic to the stuff they dip the brush in because I have used acid free primer and I still have the same thing... (2 replies)
... The salon I go to now gives me good sets almost every time and I can't recall being sore after a new set there. The only problem I still have is lifting where the artificial tip is glued to my nail. ... (6 replies)
... I noticed that there was some seperation of my natural nail from the nail bed on just one of my fingernails... creeping above my french tip. ... (1 replies)
Is this a fungus?
Aug 11, 2011
... maybe a bit less but it started after wearing Superdrug fake nails and the nail began to get ridged and started lifting up. ... (0 replies)
... Gel cannot be removed by soaking in remover like acrylic can. The molecules do not allow the remover to penetrate their structure and break the links. ... (5 replies)

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