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... If the lines are vertical and indented, they are probbly Beaus Lines. If they are vertical, they could be nail moles in the matrix. (3 replies)
... My fingernails grow normally, but they have streaks of dark colour bands on all of them. The small fingernail on my left hand isnt that much out of shape but it is almost completelty black. ... (3 replies)
... Why do these *dark* lines appear under your fingernails and how do you prevent/stop these lines from appearing? (3 replies)

... I am a young teenager an something is worrying me. For a couple of days now I've noticed something strange on two of my fingernails on my right hand. ... (0 replies)
... I have been in the Army for 18 years now. Over my time, I noticed several people with these dark lines on their nails. In 2003, I began to see a faint pinkish line, run through my thumb nail. Over time, it became black and ugly! ... (7 replies)
... The dark lines run across the length of the nail (3 replies)
... Hi ! I have a black horizontal line on the nail of my finger.This black line is very prominent,dark and think.I m getting this problem on my other nails also but other lines are not that much dark.I m so curious now to know the reason as this ugly line starts from the attachement of my nail with the flesh..Thanks (7 replies)
... Hi Marti, Yup. I will go to see a GP asap & will keep all readers posted. I tot about this yesterday as I typed & it filled me with worry. u know, the usual "will my toe get chopped off", "i shouldn't have cut so much of the nail" ... all this while fiddling with the "dark-coloured toenail". I've been to ur webpage, Marti. after seeing graphic images of toenails &... (6 replies)
... thank u marti, btw, another thing tat i left out by accident. is the condition tat u describe i have be the reason why my affected toenail is thick? cos my other fingernails & toenails aren't as "thick". :nono: the "darkish" toenail now is swollen (yup, i peeled/clipped away skin), reddish in colour tat area; i mean, i can "bend the nail" & it stays tat way, use the... (6 replies)
... st, I never saw any improvements. What worked for my nails, in particular, was using vitamin E as cuticle oil every night, using strength base coats, and wearing dark colored nail polishes. ... (3 replies)
... I've got the yellow appearance and dark discoloration under the nail, but never seen the layers thing in photos online. ... (2 replies)
... I have the same thing...2 years now. Went to the dermatologist because I was scared. She showed me a picture of a melanoma in a book. The line was VERY dark and think. Mine is very light. She said there are many reasons for nail lines and not to worry about it. But I think it will be there forever. ... (1 replies)
... parallel short dark lines on one fingernail ( thumb left hand) (1 replies)
... I just noticed darkened areas above the moons on my fingernails, worse on my thumbnails. I'm scared, as I've been dizzy lately. Could this mean anything serious? (1 replies)
... A splinter hemoraghe is exactly that - they look like tiny little splinters in the nail plate that run vertical with the nail plate. They are caused by voids between the nail plate cells which occur during production and fill up with blood. If they are very tiny and look like splinters, they are nothing to worry about. If the line is thick and dark and runs from the cuticle... (7 replies)
... If the line is very dark and grows from under the cuticle area all the way to the free edge, you may very well have a nail melanoma. ... (7 replies)
Dirty fingernails
Jun 30, 2007
... It is not dark or black it just looks dirty and you can only really see it under a yellow light or in the sun. ... (1 replies)
... I just wanted to add to this to say that on occassion a splinter hemmorage can be a sign of a rare but serious heart infection called bacterial endocarditis. I am surprised that none of your Dr's ever thought of it. The moment I showed my Dr my fingernails she quickly ordered an echocardiogram to check my heart(as well as some other tests). All came back fine and of course... (11 replies)
... A nail mole can be a potentially serious problem - especially if it is malignant. If the wide bands run horizontal, rather than vertical, they could be Beau's Lines. If they are Beau's Lines, they are characteristic for African Americans and are generally inherited from what I can find out. Do a web search for Beau's lines. (11 replies)
... Marti, Thanks for your response. Yes, there are wide bands on my toenails but still stripes on my fingernails. By now my mother has wide bands on both finger and toenails. Over the past decade, I've seen two dermatologists and neither knew what it was. Hummm...a nail mole--never heard of it. Is this a potentially serious problem or just cosmetic? (11 replies)

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