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... ticle is translucent skin that grows forward on the nail plate from between the eponychium and the nail plate. If the eponychium is peeling, it is because it is dry and needs rehydration. One of the major sources of split, dry, peeling and painful skin in this area is SOLVENTS. ... (7 replies)
... ripped and bleeding my cuticles look! I constantly get manicures to cut off dead skin and use handcreams daily... I even use the moisturizer gloves overnight and now I am trying a cuticle oil. ... (1 replies)
... I am just perplexed. I have NEVER had trouble with my cuticles and such hangnails. ... (6 replies)

... Take the polish off and leave it off - constantly wearing polish can dry out the nails, leaving them prone to cracking and breaking especially if the polish contains more than 2% formaldehyde, such as with nail strengtheners. Calcium will certainly help your teeth and bones but will do nothing for your fingernails since they are comprosed of PROTEIN. Eating a healthy diet... (4 replies)
... old cleaning solutions or when having your hands in water. Water and cleansers will wick the natural oils and moisture from the skin and nails,leaving them dry, peeling and prone to splitting and breakage. ... (5 replies)
... alons or in an Ulta Cosmetics outlet. Both oils contain jojoba, vitamin E, rice bran, safflower, sweet almond oil or passion flower oil. Apply to the nails and cuticles and massage in at LEAST two times daily and ALWAYS at night. ... (7 replies)
Question for Marti
Oct 20, 2005
... It just might be a seasonal thing if the nails start peeling at certain intervals. ... (6 replies)
... water or any type of household cleaning solution. These can wick the natural oils and moisture from the nail plate, leaving it dried out and prone to splitting, peeling and other forms of breakdown. ... (1 replies)
... tive. Nail hardeners can contain even more than that. Formaldehyde is a drying agent which can wick the natural oils and moisture from you rnails, leaving then dry and prone to splitting and peeling. ... (2 replies)
... I am the poster who wrote about peeling nails, so I want to be careful not to dry them out or damage them in any way. Still having peeling issues....picking berries is NOT helping matters....but I love fresh berries. And, it's impossible to pick with gloves, the berries are so delicate. ... (3 replies)
... I suggest it because it is an excellent oil if one has very dry, split, peeling nails and skin. If the nails and skin are moderately dry, then one can use just the jojoba oil. ... (1 replies)
Feb 5, 2003
... household cleaning solutions without wearing protective gloves, these things can wick the natural oils and moisture from the nail plate, leaving them dry, split, peeling and easily prone to breakage. ... (1 replies)
Feb 11, 2008
... way buffer and a bottle of Botanical Oil from the nail department. Use the black side of the buffer to buff away any peeling layers, then use the white side to smooth and refine, then the gray side to buff to a high shine. ... (1 replies)
... The true cuticle is the transparent skin that grows forward with the nail plate; although I will say that the majority of people refer to the eponychium as the cuticle, so I won't 'correct' you :) Your skin is severly dry! whenever the skin cracks and bleeds, it is lacking the proper porprtions of natural oils and moisture. This is normally supplied by the underlying... (5 replies)
... and peeling skin...showed my tech, decided wasn't going to cut cuticles again anytime soon. Proceeded to get worse...MY WHOLE REAL NAIL...soon to follow ALL of them were lifting and falling off!! ... (6 replies)
... cream. It's like the horse shampoo you can get at the drug store now. But it's cream for nails. The same cream they use on horse's hooves. IT really helps with dry cuticles and strengthens your natural nail. Let me tell you, I've had acrylics for 12 years and I decided to go natural. ... (4 replies)
Question for Marti
Oct 17, 2005
... one my nails started to peel again. I am being very careful not to put any hand lotion on my nails. I do use Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme because my cuticles are very dry, and the oils don't seem to be enough for them. I use rubber gloves any time I do dishes or clean. I also started using Nail Tek Maintenance Plus. ... (6 replies)
... nail strengtheners contain formaldehyde which will dry out your nails in an attempt to make them 'appear' stronger, but in actuality, this makes the nails more brittle, prone to peeling and much easier to break. ... (3 replies)

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