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... I will definitely bring it up. The Maximum Nail Growth does have formaldehyde and I have been using it for approx. 15 years! It does work. I'll tell you that. My nails do look good when they're all grown out. And, they have been breaking lately. ... (38 replies)
... thanks guys for all your help. i have put some antiseptic liquid on the back of my nail with the hole in it ( my nail bed) to prevent infection. i will also put some bitter tasting clear stuff used for cuts ( can't remember what its called now) on all my nails so i won't bite them :) (3 replies)
... Aright, I've been biting my nails for 6 years.. How do I quit? ... (14 replies)

... The nail will not "fall off" for no reason - you should see your podiatrist. (1 replies)
... DO NOT glue it back on! You could trap bacteria in the space and cause yourself an infection. Cut off as much of the nail as you can as soon as the nail bed isn't so sore. Keep the area clean and dry at all times and apply a little antibacterial ointment to the exposed nail bed. ... (1 replies)
... About a month ago I was running with shoes that were too tight. My toe became very red and swollen and that lasted for about 2 weeks. About a week ago I noticed that my nail was separating from the bed and now it has come completely off except for one side. I am so scared that it will not grow back. ... (1 replies)
... Vicks Vapor Rub will work on most nail infections because of the THYMOL it contains. It doesn't work as efficiently for a true fungus as it does for bacterial or yeast infection of the nail plate. Thymol will work more efficiently if it is in more concentrated forms. ... (25 replies)
... My first question is about using Vicks VapoRub for nail fungus. I saw a doctor awhile ago, not a podiatrist but my regular doctor, and asked what was wrong with my toenail. ... (25 replies)
... Hey, I had an ingrown nail in my big toe and i didn't do anything with it for quite a while so the doctor had to remove the whole nail. ... (0 replies)
... the injury caused my toenail to fall out and when it grew back it didn't look normal. I didn't think anything of it until I noticed that both of my big toes and second toes had this strange look. I went to see a foot specialist and he prescribed Penlac. ... (30 replies)
... only the underlying bone. The matrix can be in a state of 'faint' for a long time before it heals to the point of being able to produce new nail plate cells. This can take anywhere from 6 months to a year. Depending on the extent of damage to the matrix, the nail plate may never be 'normal' again. ... (7 replies)
... There has been no sign of the nail regrowth now 3 months on and I am terrified it is not going to grow back. Does any one have any experience in how long it can take for a thumbnail to even reappear? ... (0 replies)
... Four weeks ago I slammed my nail in a car door. Now I noticed a small hole at the base of my nail, so I freaked out and fiddled with it. Now the hole is larger, but I think there is another nail below? ... (3 replies)
... While the vinigar is working to rid the nail fungus, new healthy nail will be growing in place of it. You don't want it to spread to the new growth so you continue with the treatment until the entire new nail grows out. It can take a year. ... (23 replies)
... I had to have 4 ingrown toenails done at tootsies grow funny. ... (9 replies)
... this is perfectly normal. It can take a toenail at least a year to replace itself fully from the cuticle to the free edge. As the new nail plate emerges, it will force the lifted portion to move out over the free edge. The damaged portion will grow forward and be replaced with good healthy nail. ... (2 replies)
... but only sporadically. 30 days ago I restarted with a new Rx and I am having excellent results. I'm told that this can take 3 to 6 months. This time I'll stick to the regimen exactly. ... (10 replies)
... How long of a treatment period did you give each medication? ... (10 replies)
... let me start by saying I can't believe how dumb I was.... ... (6 replies)
... The nail finally got to where it wasn't so painful, so I cut off the free edge. The only problem is that the portion of the nail that is left on the distal edge flexed a LOT and hurt everytime I touched anything to it. It finally quit bleeding though. ... (19 replies)

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