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... Any time you damage the nail plate, you also damage the nail bed underneath. The result will be nail plate separation depending on the degree of trauma. It will all grow forward as the matrix developes new nail plate cells and pushes the damaged portion forward off the free edge. (2 replies)
... when I accidentally slammed the car door on them. There was some white residue underneath the nail on the injured side for both fingers. My middle finger seems to be healing fine and I'm just waiting for the pink arc on the free end to level off. ... (2 replies)
... This is my first post to this site. My fingernail was injured long ago - nothing major just got my finger caught in something and there was not that much damage to the nail at that time. However, over a decade later, there's a specific spot in the cuticle area that's still "extremely" sensitive to the slightest touch. Also, in the whole nail above the sensitive cuticle... (1 replies)

... Left hand, small "pinky" finger -- there is a split in the center of this nail from top to bottom. I have bitten this nail down as far as it hope that when it grows again it will grow back without a split in this nail. But each time I've tried this, it still grows back with the nail split in the center. It's been like this about at least 12 or so years. I... (3 replies)
... Today it looks like the skin itself is healing and attaching itself to the injured nail. Im just curious to know about your updated situation and if you needed any medical attention. ... (19 replies)
... Since I do nails, I have worn them since 1979. This is the first time I have injured or broken a finger nail, although I have broken both my pinky toes at least twice and the second toe on my left foot once:) I have a fairly high tolerance for pain, so that is good - genetics can be a wonderful thing. I'm a pretty tough old bird and that isn't saying a mouthful since I just... (19 replies)
... NEVER cover an injured fingernail or toenail with a bandaid. Bandaids allow the nails to retain more moisture and fungas and bacteria just LOVE the extra moisture. ... (3 replies)
... The damaged portion of your nail will not 'heal', but will grow forward as the new emerging nail plate cells push it forward off the nail bed. This can take from 3-6 months depending on your natural nail growth rate. Your sisters nail will do the same thing. (2 replies)
... when I accidentally slammed the car door on them. the fingernails are now a bit warped and has some white debris on one edge of each fingernail which lifts it off the skin I think. the white debris isn't crumbly so I think it's not infected ... plus it doesn't hurt. ... (2 replies)
... Being that they took an X-ray, then I assume the doctor knows it's not a broken bone. Antibiotics were given but it's possible it could have become infected weeks later if there's an open sore. It definitely wouldn't hurt to see her doctor again just to make sure. As far as taking more time to heal, that's possible depending on her age and overall physical condition. (3 replies)
... No apparently they didn't, that's why I told her to soak her finger 2-3 in Epsom salt. Then I came across your website, and was impressed by how replies there were to posts. I thought hey I would give it a try. It was a oral antibiotic. (3 replies)
... Did her doctor give instructions to soak the finger in warm salt water 2 or 3 times a day? It seems to me she should have been doing that or something like that. Was the antibiotic a pill or an injection to the finger? This reminds me of when I was about 3 or 4 years old and the car door was closed on my thumb. It really hurt but I didn't receive any medical care -... (3 replies)
... My Great Aunt, slammed her fingertip in the door about 4 weeks ago. They gave her antibiotics, and took an X-ray. Since then it is still hurting, hasn't grown any more, and started turning white. There is a gap between where the cuticle starts, and I would say about a few millimeters from there. Also it's a little red around the nail, on the finger. So here is what I... (3 replies)

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