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... I let it grow out after that and it had been growing fine, my nail bed got a bit bigger by being pushed back. I had a huge white line across my nail, but that was growing, and that was probably from my bruise when I jarred my finger. ... (2 replies)
... About a month and a half ago, I slammed my middle finger in a door. It immediately turned a dark purple and swelled up, but went down in about a week. ... (0 replies)
... i got my thumb caught in a fan that ripped one side of it up and out from under my cuticle. half of my thumbnail has died and is no longer attached to my skin. ... (1 replies)

... It's pretty difficult to kill a nail bed permanently. Don't pick at it, wait a couple months and see what happens. It could be that your existing nail separated from the bed, and now a new one needs to grow in, which will take some time. ... (2 replies)
... this is my first time posting! ... (0 replies)
... After losing my thumb nail how do i get it to grow back? ... (1 replies)
... i had an infection in my middle finger on my right hand. it got worse so i went to the doctor after a day because it wasnt open. ... (2 replies)
... I recently tore approximately half of the tip of my thumb off, from the tip of my thumb bone forward. In the accident the nail was ripped off. ... (4 replies)
... I had an accident, a piece of wood fell on my toe nail and it got balck and purple , it looked really bad so I went to the doctor and she removed my nail but when I ask her if it was going to grow back she said that didnt think so but next day another dactor saw me she said that it was going to grow back ..... ... (0 replies)
... The reason that I had my toenail removed was because the nail had toe fungus. ... (3 replies)
... You shouldn't cover it with anything until the nail bed has completely hardened into normal 'skin'. Using botanical Oil will help it to heal and keep it moisturized so it doesn't callous. botanical Oil is in the nail department of Sally Beauty Supply. ... (5 replies)
... Just over a year ago, I got my finger caught in a fixture at work and tore the nail off. Over the next couple months, the nail seemed to grow back fine. As time went by and the nail was just about completely grown back, I noticed the skin on the tip of my finger began to get hard...almost like calloused. ... (1 replies)
... Four weeks ago I slammed my nail in a car door. Now I noticed a small hole at the base of my nail, so I freaked out and fiddled with it. Now the hole is larger, but I think there is another nail below? ... (3 replies)
... This IS probably caused by a nail fungus which is ugly, but not going to hurt you....all you can do at this point is wait for it to grow back, which will take time, but eventually it will. ... (2 replies)
... i was playing basketball a couple of weeks ago and i guess someone stepped on my toe, next to the pinkie. but anyways about 3 weeks later it got all black, and today when i took off my shoe it ripped in half. ... (5 replies)
... Nothing else was removed but the nail. The nail took a while to fall off but it eventually did once the new nail started growing in. But the cuticle for the new nail never grew. Don't I kinda need that? ... (5 replies)
... I used to have beautiful toenails. People would remark when I went to get pedicures. No more!! ... (1 replies)
... hi I have had an on going problem with my index nail for years, it was ripped off completley all the way to what seems to be the root. ... (1 replies)
... I developed paronychia in my thumb about six weeks ago after pulling a hangnail. I took good care of it and the infection cleared, but as the nail grows out, it doesn't seem like a new one is growing in. ... (2 replies)
... when i was about 5 a wart starting growing on my index started growing on the side of the nail, and before long, it was right under my nail, separating it from the nail bed. ... (0 replies)

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