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... I just joined this site and saw your question. I have nails that tend to bend and curl under, mainly my index fingers. ... (1 replies)
... They grow well but are bending or curling on the sides as they grow. I don't have a problem with them being dry, cracked, brittle...just bending downward as they grow? ... (1 replies)
... If you have thyroid problems, it will effect your nails as well. ... (1 replies)

... Since you are pregnant, you may want to tell your physician about the change in your nails. Usually, the nails improve with pre-natal vitamins, but since yours are changing shape, I highly suggest speaking with your doctor about this. (2 replies)
... Hi I have a problem with some of my nails. When they grow out they start growing down, kinda curling down. This has not always been like this. ... (3 replies)
... For the past 6 or so months, my nails are curling down and appear flat or pressed down at the ends...ok, this doesn't sound like it makes much sense. Now that I'm writing it, I guess you have to see it. ... (2 replies)
Curling nails
Jan 3, 2007
... My nails, well, my nails on my pointer and middle fingers of both hands seem to curl when they grow to a certain point. ... (5 replies)
Curling nails
Jan 16, 2007
... hmm, if the nail is thin then it is possible that you have an eggshell nail. Nail strengthener usally helps straighten eggshell nails. It is possble that you are either using a bogus strengthener or not using it properly. I would recommend you try nail tek extra strength. (5 replies)
Curling nails
Jan 8, 2007
... I looked up onychogryposis and that is defenalty NOT want is happening to my nails, eww that is something that I hope I will never have to see again in my life. And I tried looking up things on hooked nail but couldn't find anything. (5 replies)
... (1 replies)
... I have always wanted long pretty nails but, mine would split or break off with any length to them. I even got fake nails for a short time. My dad had long finger nails which all seemed to be the same length..he NEVER filed them or cleaned them and he cut them with his poket knife. ... (2 replies)
... Some doctors do cut your curling finger nails if it is a medical condition. You may have trouble to cut it without pain. ... (1 replies)
... For some time now I have started to see changes in my nails. Back when I was a teenager, I used to have weak, soft nails that broke and split a lot. ... (0 replies)
... If the nails are curling into the soft tissues at the side(s) of the nail, you may very well have an ingrown toenail. If they are yellowed, thickened, chipping and dry, you may very well have a fungal infection. See your doctor for a proper diagnosis before beginning home treatments. (1 replies)
... My question for you please, what is the proper way to file nails that curl? ... (1 replies)
Jul 4, 2013
... My right baby fingernail is curling down on the right side. What could cause this? ... (0 replies)
... you may wnat to have that one treated by a podiatrist sa it will only continue to curl inwards adn end up being excrutiatingly painful. The other ones that are curling upward can be trimmed as long as the upward turn is not attached to the nail bed. See a doctor to get this taken care of! ... (5 replies)
Curling nails
Jan 21, 2007
... I think I have the same thing you have on the second finger of each hand and now my ring finger is beginning to do the same on one hand. I used to be able to cut them way back short and then they would grow out okay and after a few months start again. I once asked a manicurist about it and she said that just happens to some people. There are no pictures that show what I... (5 replies)
Curling nails
Jan 8, 2007
... You might also try looking up 'claw nail' (5 replies)
Curling nails
Jan 3, 2007
... The shape of the fingernail follows the shape of the underlying bone. If other members of your family have this same nail shape, chances are that it is genetic. The proper terminology for this type of nail is a 'hooked' nail. Other terminology is onychogryposis. (5 replies)

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