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... nails I have tried unsuccessfully to attack the pseudomonas on both thumb nails. Does anyone know of any cures other than having both nails removed. ... (3 replies)
... Beau's Lines are nails that are characterized by horizontal lines of darkened cells and linear depressions. ... (3 replies)
... you only need to keep the nail plate dried out as well as the area between the anil plate and the nail bed if it has separated. Apply a drop of alcohol to the area at least twice daily. ... (3 replies)

... e files and implements on every client witout properly cleanign and sanitizing them between clients, or if the technician or the client touches anything to their nails after they have been prepped for application. ... (13 replies)
... even more so when it is chock full of moisture, oils and contaminates. ... (12 replies)
... product of a Pseudomonas bacterial infection. You did right in taking off the nails and exposing the natural nail plate to the air. ... (3 replies)
... mold grows on old bread, cheese and other organic products. What you are referring to as "mold" is actually a Pseudomonas bacterial infection that can happen wether or not one wears nail enhancements. ... (4 replies)
... Your fingernails are a direct link to what goes on internally. Usually, a brown discoloration is not characteristic of fingernail fungus. Fungus can only be determined if the physician takes a scraping of any apparent debris in the area of lift and grows a culture. ... (2 replies)
... especially if they used the same files on you that they did on everyone else. Pseudomonas bacteria live on our bodies and on just about every surface you can touch. ... (3 replies)
... black discoloration is not indicative of a fungal infection. The discoloration is classic for Pseudomonas Bacterial infection, which would not be aided by Lamasil since it is strictly for fungus. ... (13 replies)
... the green discoloration on your nails is the result of a Pseudomonas Bacterial infection. You gave this to your self when yu repeatedly removed and glued on new 'nails' without properly prepping the nail surface. ... (3 replies)
Vicks vapour rub
Mar 31, 2009
... Fungus is characterized by nail plate thickening, separation, a yellow discoloration and apparent debris in the area of separation. ... (10 replies)
... gluing them is one of the things causing the fungus and the nail damage. Instant glue, even instant nail glue, is NOT moisture resistant. ... (2 replies)
Dec 27, 2005
... Thanks, Marti. This goes back to a post I submitted months ago. I noticed the nails on three fingers separating at the corners. ... (10 replies)
... there is usually not a problem with fungal infections. I.E. wearing artificial nails puts you at much higher risk of developing infections. You also admit that the artificial nails are why she got this infection. So how can you say artificial nails do not cause infections? ... (13 replies)
... The green discoloration is classic for a Pseudomonas Bacterial Infection of the nail plate. ... (3 replies)
... I believe the discoloration is strictly from the blood that built up between the nail plate and the nail bed. If it were infected, it would turn a nasty shade of bright green. Yes, fungus and pseudomonas can spread to the other nails, but only if the 'germs' get transferred by some sort of contaminated nail file, etc. ... (5 replies)
... The black bruise by the cuticle will eventually grow forward, but remember, toe nails grow MUCH slower than fingernails and can take up to a year to completely replace themselves. ... (2 replies)
... Fungus is characterized by apparent nail plate separation, thickened and yellowed nails with apparent debris in the area of separation. ... (13 replies)
... it is also the active ingredient in Vick's VapoRub, which is why many people choose to use the Vicks. Thymol will 'melt' the nail polish and leave it kind of sticky, so I wouldn't wear it while you are using Thymol. ... (3 replies)

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