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... days ago my front door slammed extreemly hard and trapped by toe within it. I was in excruciating pain, when I managed to take by boot and sock off my toenail on my big toe had ripped up at the root, however, leaving the nail still attached at the free edge. ... (1 replies)
Toenail off...
Mar 6, 2009
... I got my toenail taken off my big toe on Monday. ... (1 replies)
... I ripped my big toenail off about 5 months ago and it is regrowing but now it is starting to feel sore when pressure is applied to it and it itches a bit. What do you think? ... (1 replies)

Toenail off...
Mar 8, 2009
... water until the gauze is totally loosened and will slough off on its own. Do not attempt to pull it off as you will also take skin with it. If the water gets cold, start all over again. ... (1 replies)
... rist to have my ingrown toes looked at. After the first visit I decided to have the roots on the side of my toes removed via laser surgery to prevent the ingrown toenail on both toes. ... (0 replies)
... Maybe a month or a month and a half ago I dropped a full can of soda on my big toe almost where the cuticle meets the toenail. The part of the toenail where it got hit turned all black. ... (5 replies)
... I've had a longstanding toenail problem. The story is I dropped a foosball table right onto my big toe nail about 7 years ago. ... (1 replies)
Toenail Saga..
Aug 15, 2006
... ound with some friends of mine with open toed shoes on. I am exactly sure how it happened but one of my friends wound up stepping on my left big toe and breaking off the nail. ... (1 replies)
... My dr. said that he would just remove the whole big toenail and that it would never grow back. ... (4 replies)
... Three weeks back I hit my big toenail on a board in the yard and THOUGHT I had ripped it completely off. The whole toenail or what I thought was the whole toenail, was hanging by one little thread on the side and the nail bed was a bloody mess. ... (0 replies)
... in which i dropped an electric sander on my big toe. Around a week and a half later, the toenail fell off. That alone was cause for some distress, as this hasn't happened to me before, but now I'm concerned on whether or not it can grow back. ... (2 replies)
... Dana, The same exact thing happened to me... I saw that no one ever replied to you ... Did it ever grow back? I hope so! Thanks! (2 replies)
... there was a little bit of blood on the skin at the base of the nail, although there was no blood when I lanced the blister. Removing the skin which included the toenail wasn't painful at all. ... (2 replies)
... this was my right foot big toenail and the skin is on the left side at the bed of the toenail. ... (1 replies)
... last night i went to a party and my big toenail was lifted by someone's huge shoes i dont really remember what happened but it started bleeding like crazy and while i was washing the toe, the water would go in under the nail - clearly visible its slanted to the right in an odd way and not straight like it should be also, it is pale white and there is pus coming out from it... (1 replies)
... I posted here a few times in the past month or so about Vicks Vaporub and toenail fungus. ... (3 replies)
... Another summer of being ashamed to wear open toe sandals. If you have toenail fungus, you know exactly what I mean. I share the following so that others can get a better feel for the treatments that I have personally tried. ... (0 replies)
Broken Toenail
Dec 10, 2006
... My big toenail was jammed into a moving fixture at work which bent the front third of my toenail back. I cut the bent part off so now it's just like two thirds of my toenail and the top part, like where you would trim your nails normally, is ripped off and it was bleeding for a while. ... (2 replies)
My pinky toenail
Jul 7, 2005
... ng shoes, etc. Mine was caused by removal of some small corns on the sides of the pinky toes. The surgeon went down through the side of the nail plate to grind off the corn, and the result was an overgrowth of the cuticle, resulting in pterygium. ... (5 replies)
... i've had issues with my left big toenail for about the last 9 years when i dropped a large heavy box on my toe and the nail was damaged. ... (3 replies)

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