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... I know that nail polish is the worse thing for fungal infections, but I need to cover up my nails somehow, it is getting warm now. The fungus is under control, I file them every week and treat with vinegar. I also have had athletes foot and spray to prevent it. ... (1 replies)
... I actually got rid of it. Heres how I did it. Plain vinegar with normal table salt mixed into it. I mixed as much salt as would disolve into the vinager and then a little extra for good measure. ... (4 replies)
Nail Problem
Jun 5, 2006
... It is thickening when it grows out of my nail bed and it goes all the way through my nails. There are a visible two color on my nail. ... (7 replies)

... Ah, i see! That makes a lot of sense. I am going to continue with the listerine, but i will only soak them for less than 3 minutes, or, i will use a brush to apply it, since i've read a lot of people having success with this method. If i decide to try the tea tree oil...where can i get it and would i apply it the same way? Thanks! :wave: (11 replies)
... Even soaking in water can cause the nail plate to hold excess moisture. The nails should not be wet for longer than 3 minutes. ... (11 replies)
... as I am doing using vinegar in the a.m. and throughout the day and then the Vick's at night.? ... (12 replies)
... Since iv'e been using the vinegar on my toenail it has turned my whole nail yellow. Are you supposed to use the distilled vinegar or the apple cidar? ... (30 replies)
... Well after using vinegar for a few months I can say that I've seen little improvement in my overall condition. ... (6 replies)
... I had the laser treatment in November, my podiatrist also recommended the copper socks and the sterishoe sterilizers. I also threw away my sheets and old socks. She advised that I spray my toes with an anti-fungal spray (1% tolnaftate) used to treat athletes foot after showering. I didn't have any luck with the vinegar, vicks, listerine, etc. but this definitely worked for... (6 replies)
... Have you heard about laser treatment for nail fungus? ... (7 replies)
... I'm using vinegar twice a day on my nails and have found it takes the pain away, but after three months I still don't have any clear nail showing up. The infected nails look much better though. Perhaps I need to add the salt too. ... (2 replies)
... Ive had nail fungus for over a year now and it has not gone away by it self so now im considering the vinegar treatment. how long before i start seeing results. and how exactly is it that i apply it on? ... (32 replies)
... Oh YES IT DOES work! Yay! So glad to see the word getting out! Cider vinegar may work also, but don't do the two treatments together, try one or the other. ... (32 replies)
... Vinegar treatment for toenail fungus. The vinegar does Not kill the fungus. It changes the chemical makeup of the nail, as it grows, so the fungus cannot grow into it. THAT is why you put it where the nail grows from within the skin and not where the fungus infestation is. ... (32 replies)
... I was wondering if i can get some advice for my problem! I have fungus on two of my toenails, one on my left foot, and my right big toe. ... (6 replies)
... between the nail plate and the nail bed. ... (2 replies)
... you can cause yourself further problems. If you are treating the nails for fungus with Vinegar, you will usually get a 'white' look to the nails because the vinegar will kill off whatever spores may still be living in the debris under the nail plate. ... (3 replies)
... I have battled a fungus under my big toenail for many years. The podietrist says the fungus has infected the nail growth cells under the cuticle and the only possible way to clear it up is the Lamisil pills. But I have elevated liver functions, so I can't take the pills. ... (1 replies)
... there is only one type. It doesn't attack the nail, it attacks the underlying nail bed and 'eats' the protein s in the nailplate for food. That's why the nail seems to crumble and turn in on itself. Please stop using th essential oils as it just gives the fungus the extra moisture it needs to continue to grow. ... (2 replies)
... For the past couple of years my thumb nail has been weird. ... (3 replies)

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