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... I had a fungal infection under the proximal nail fold, and had to have my toenail removed so the infection would clear up. ... (2 replies)
... You should have read a little further and you would have found out that the tapered part of the skin that you are mentioning is a forward growth of the skin that is tightly adhered to the nail plate. ... (2 replies)
... the gap goes back a couple of millimeters. ... (2 replies)

... in which i dropped an electric sander on my big toe. Around a week and a half later, the toenail fell off. That alone was cause for some distress, as this hasn't happened to me before, but now I'm concerned on whether or not it can grow back. ... (2 replies)
... Back in March, I stubbed my second toe on my left foot. Later on I noticed some bleeding underneath the toenail. After about two months, I noticed a new nail seemed to be growing underneath the old nail, and the redness of the blood underneath seemed to have gone completely away. ... (1 replies)
... After having several problems with an ingrown toenail, I had a procedure done which was intended to prevent further problems. My entire toenail was removed, and some sort of weak acid was applied to the edges of the root to make the nail grow back narrower. ... (1 replies)
... Wear shoes that do not pinch the toes together or cause undue pressure to the surface of the nails. If you run, you will have to stop for a while because this excercize is the hardest on the toes and the nails. ... (1 replies)
1 thick toenail
Feb 1, 2006
... weeks and I truely believe it is curing my toenail fungus. ... (5 replies)
... months to grow back in. I would check to see if there is a fungal infection that caused the nail to fall off. If so, it will be much easier to treat while the nail is gone before it grows back. They are common, but stubborn to get rid of. ... (5 replies)
... bruised my toenail, and it developed a bruise underneath it by Thursday. ... (0 replies)
Toenail help
Dec 20, 2004
... were beginning to peel. So I used my clippers and clipped upwards. But I couldn't clip upward after I clipped half way up my nails. So I have the thick layer of toenail on the upperhalf, and theres a pink layer under it, which seems healthy. I tried to file down the upper half of the nail but it doesn't really work. ... (1 replies)
Toenail help
Dec 21, 2004
... Don't do anymore clipping! Whenever there is peeling on the surface of the nail plate, it is best to buff it off with a 240 grit buffer. You can get one of these at your local beauty supply. ... (1 replies)
... Immediately it started to bleed under the nail bed BADLY. I went to ER immediately, where they drilled a hole in the nail to let the blood escape. ... (0 replies)
... I have a rather severe ingrown toenail but I have a high pain tolerence and have no trouble stripping away the offending side of the nail right down to the base. ... (1 replies)
... Please do not wait or put it off as I did for over a month. ... (6 replies)
... I would go to a podiatrist to be on the safe side. It will give you peace of mind and if there is a problem he can take care of it. I lost a toenail once and it grew back. Yours sounds different so maybe you should get it checked out. ... (2 replies)
... so i was about to start lifting and i dropped a 45lb plate on my big toe, very painful. my whole nail, including the root was sticking up through my skin. ... (3 replies)
... I have had fungus on one of my little toenails for years, and just recently started using naftin. I noticed a difference right away...the whitish fungus which used to be this hard bump softened and started disintegrating almost. ... (3 replies)
... the nail will grow back normally IF you conquer the fungus. ... (4 replies)
... The nail plate will grow back on its own, but like I said, it can take up to a year depending on your genetics. Keep it clean and dry. ... (3 replies)

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