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Severe Muscle Pain
Sep 12, 2016
I dont know if this is correct board for this issue,but Ill try
I used to be a smoker then gave up, I started again, just socially but found when I had one, every muscles in my neck down one side of my back and left leg, my feet feel like they are buring, my neck & head would get so tight to the point I though I would pass out. Then one day out of the blue, it just knocked me off my feet, I couldnt walk for more than half an hour, my legs felt like jelly, I was housebound for nearly a month.

So, I gave up again, only smoking occasionally when having a few drinks, which I found I could do, alcohol and smoking, not a problem.

Two years down the track and I never really recovered from all the muscle pain despite, physio, remedial massage, acupuncture, exercise, yoga.
And it happened again, I sat with a friend having coffee who offered me a cigarette and now Im tight in the neck, legs feel week and Im at a loss as to what to think.
So, no more smoking, but why does this happen?? But doesnt happen when drinking alcohol.
I did have numerous blood tests, MRIs, scans, all normal, just a mild scoliosis and general wear and tear on discs.. nothing major.
Any idea why muscles are reacting this way??

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