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Hello i'm an 18 year old male and ive been suffering for the past 3 and a half months.. It all started when I was living in ohio..I was at home one night when i tried a drug and a pretty bad one at that.. cocaine. I noticed my left arm/shoulder started to bother me just a little bit as i was laying in bed. Felt as if it were realllly weak. No I didn't have a heart attack and no it wasn't a stroke. Anyway.. I went to sleep and everything was fine. Well I went to visit my sister who lives in boston and while I was there my stomache started hurting horribly. I ended up going to the hospital and going to have emergency surgery it was my appendix about to burst. I had surgery everything was fine and it all healed up. I went back to ohio and about a month later I was at work .. I hadnt been feeling wel and I worked at a Bar.. smoke was bothering me.. I left work early feeling horrible. My chest was hurting and my head felt weak/weird. I ended up going to the Emergency room feeling extremely dizzy, shaking really bad my whole body was. I ended up going to the family practice doctor and he did an EKG (normal) electrolites test (normal) Infection blood test (normal) urine test (normal). He thought I was crazy because he couldnt place all the symptoms I had to come up with a conclusion. Well I went home.. Now all the bad stuff started happening.. Heres the symptoms i had then. My chest would have Sharp Pains, I would get dizzy, I would feel electrifying feeling down my left leg when i stood up fast, I would have tremors my muscles would look like waves because everyone of them would twitch really bad. I would smell weird things all of a sudden while watching TV or doing some other activities, I would have dizzy falling out of my body feelings when i tried to sleep.. My hands and face were always clammy my hands always sweaty, my feet would always be freezing and my hands too..Well I went back to the family practice. My doc gave me a funny look, and we went back and he checkd me out and said i probably have pneumenitis (some kind of inflammation of the lungs) and thats it. I would feel frustrated because the doctor didnt realize what i was going through and I knew it was more than just that. This sickness prevented me from going anywhere but my bed. I couldnt go to my friends house and I couldnt be around smoke. oh yeah he had a CAT scan of chest done on me which returned as NOrmal. One Night I went to my grandpas birthday party (i was still sick but i couldnt miss it) I was sitting at the table and my legs would have tremors REALLY BAD i told my dad i need to go now... I was feeling dizzy and my left arm/shoulder bothered me bad. Every night i felt like i was going to die and have to go to the emergency room. Well I started feeling better and I thought a lot of my problem was stress. So I moved with my mom because i couldnt stand living with my dad. I moved to TN and I got checked for the following things at a local walkin doctor. EKG normal, Lyme Disease normal, MS and Muscular Dystrohpy Normal, Mono Normal, Any infections - Normal, hyper-thyroids- normal. But I had Hyper-reflexia.. my reflexes were out of wack. One of my past symptoms which is gone now my inner ears would feel like they were popping/vibrating and it would annoy me.. Well my current symptoms are Left arm/shoulder weak feeling, hair loss, weight loss, eye redness/irritation (all the time, really bad, looks like i am stoned or something), tips of finger pain, horrible muscle twitching/contracting all over body, numbness on left side of head and part of left eye, tingling feeling on left side of head sometimes, Weakness/irritated feeling left side of chest, a feeling like my brain has some kind of acid thats melting it away on my right side right now (used to be on left side), Joint pain, brain fog, big trouble remembering things, life feels like a video game, 50% chance of waking up with a headache in the morning, vertigo when going to sleep, hyperreflexia, tingling/warm feeling in my left foot (my left foot is warm and my right one is cold). I fall into things a lot.. Sometime this weekend or on monday im getting a brain CAT scan done. my head bothers me the most out of all these symptoms. Anyone have the SLIGHTEST idea whats going on with me nobody has helped me out yet on these boards and ive posted a million times in other sections.

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