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Left arm jerking
Apr 18, 2005
I have had fasciculations for about 10 years, in my legs. Not a big deal - they don't hurt and don't bother me at all. However, this last month, my left arm has started jerking. Anytime my arm is at rest, it starts doing that, and it drives me crazy, at about 20 or more jerks per minute. I have a hard time getting to sleep at times.

I do take Mirapex for Restless Leg Syndrome, and that seems to call the jerking down at nighttime, so I do get to sleep once that kicks in, though, thankfully!

I will see my neuro soon, but just wondered if anyone had a clue what could cause this? It is only in that one arm, although I do have twitches and jerks occasionally in other places, but not nearly as severe or consistent.

I do have white matter lesions on my brain, and the doc thinks it is from small vessel disease (due to hypertension and diabetes). Could a lesion be causing this? They have considered MS in the past, too, but settled on the svd instead.


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