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About 3 weeks ago I began having dizziness upon waking..that stopped after about a week. Doctor order a corotid doppler...came back normal. I do continue to have a "whooshing heart beat sound" behind my ears when i stand up.

The following week i had another episode of food getting "stuck" behind my rib cage..the cramping feeling stayed in my chest for about 4 days afterwards, I even went to the ER...doc said to take prilosec. no more heartburn or swallowing incidents. Prior to this i have had heartburn almost everday...for the last 5 years. I attributed alot to my being obese and sitting at work. The swallowing incident has happend probably 5 or 6 times in the last 2-3 yrs. Last week had uper GI with baruim..normal.

For the last two weeks my muscles have felt tired..upper arms, forearms, thighs, neck. I have muscle twitches everywhere, not consitantly, but everyday. On Friday, 9-30-05 i woke up with my left jaw hurting..only when biting down in back..hurt near my ear area..NEVER had tmj before...lasted about 4-5 days.

Yesterday, 10-4-05 i began having soreness in my right side below rib cage and could feel it without touching it. I've had tenderness under my right rib cage for quite a long time but never really was aware of it unless it was when lying on my side with my husband's arm resting on me.

While in bed last night it actually kept me aware of it all night with tenderness. This morning more tender..radiating to the side. Had an ultrasound today...the PRELIMINARY findings were normal of the gall bladder. CAN A PERSON STILL HAVE GALL BLADDER PROBLEMS EVEN THOUGH THE ULTRA SOUND LOOKS NORMAL?? the past my cholesterol was over 500, been on lipitor on and off for the last 6 yrs or so..numbers are down to 269..just switched 2 days ago to vytorin.

Plus started dieting two weeks ago....have lost 18lbs.

Don't know if any of those factors could be affecting gall bladder or this pain I'm having

Sorry this has been so long.

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