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Hi again Faye, I cannot tell you just how much better you have made my life knowing that someone else around eastern NC has much of the same problems I have too and knows the area as well. I didn't even know that Pitt
Co was close and that is the hospital you go to. Thanks for the infor about the drs. I know that I went to see a dr, but not in Kenly when we first moved here. You have had a really rough time for sure, why do they always go play the depression card on people in pain w/o searching for an answer? It really burns my butt. My BFF frome when we were in VA was delighted to hear that the dr on Forest Hills was also a neursychologist because he goes through sort of syke exam on you when he is talking to you, and you don't know it. One dr with his speciality is how she got help initially. Now she has found a psychopharmacologist to take care of her meds. She has been her pt for 15 years and has never lacked for good care and treatment of her pain.
I have a link to all of them in the US that her dr gave her. It's a shame that so many marriages turn out like yours because a partner drinks and can't deal with us being in such pain that they abandon us. I'm alone now too, but different reason, he got transferred to Mexico over a year ago. My friend got hit by and 18 wheeler 15 years ago and spent a year in rehab as a resident and her body is a wreck. I have been like this for about 40 years and it's a monster task to find a dr. If things go well with this guy, you may want to come to Wilson and see him. He's the only dr with all of the specialties anyplace close to us. All we want is to have a better quality of life, what we have left of it, and after a while most drs want to call us 'cured' and get us off the meds. It's proven that we are not addicts and won't be because we are in pain constantly. I just hate it, we have moved 14 times and I have to go through this every 2 or 3 years, and will be going through it again. Just have so much to get done in the next few months before my baby goes off to college and I have to leave this house, sell it. So since this isn't where I am from, I have no need to stay here in this big house alone. I am supposed to move to Mexico, but it's just so darm hot there. So I am going to get as high in the mountains as I can, with a real winter and summers that are not almost as bad as where my husband is. Also, wanted to know if you get disability? They won't let me, I was a stay at home mom, so don't have enough credits and can't get on till my husband turns 62, so I have 6 years to go. I can't even get a parking permit from a doc here, not even when I was in a full body cast and the darn dr nearly killed me. BTW the family doc I see here is Dr Heron and she ussed to be nice. I don't know what happened to her. Except she married a shrink. And once I was 5 mins late for an appt and she won't take you if you are late, she has so many rules now, her staff is quitting there is always a turnover. I love the office people, and they are my friends, but if she gets close they clam up and look busy. Rich Duke DR.
oh well, thanks for letting me rant and for the help. I wish they could fix both of us, cause I know how awful it is when our necks are so messed up. Don't you wish once in a while they would hurt theirs just for a day or two and nobody will believe or help them. I only want them to understand this misery, but I suppose you have to live it to know. Have a good night. and Thanks again.

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