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It has been many weeks since I started to feel like a nerve stucked in the upper left of my left eye. Also, the left interior part of the left eye orbit gives me a feeling of burning. My temporal until the back of my head give me lash of pain.

I think that the source of the problem is that 2 months ago, there was a night where I used my computer all night long until 5 am with poor light around me. I think I force the upper nerve of my face just up of my eye. I think it is the source because it started two days later.

Before seeing the neurologist, I have seen 3 eye doctors (ophthalmologists). The first saw nothing. The second said I have an angular blepharitis on both eyes (though I don't feel anything in the right eye) and the third said I indeed have an angular blepharitis but very light. And this last one said this blepharitis can't explain at all all these sympthoms and he said it was out of his field and that it is related to neurology. So that's why I have gone to a neurologist, but I think this one was not interested in finding the problem. He barely checked my reflexes and said he saw nothing, even if I said I suffer in the left part of my head.

Does anyone know what I could do to eliminate this pain?


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