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I started having symptoms of dizziness 4 weeks ago (primarily only when walking--a feeling of tipping or turning slightly, not spinning). The symptoms were fairly intermittent at first but are more constant now when I walk (they've shifted to a feeling of the ground rolling around underneath me or a rocking motion). One strange fact, if I sit in a chair and bounce my legs up and down I get dizziness symptoms. No symptoms when I move my head around. Meclizine practically eliminates the symptoms for 24 hours. My doctor scheduled me to see an ear-nose-throat specialist and put me on 5mg Lexapro then increased it to 10mg after 6 days (I am a fairly high anxiety person and was on Paxil for about five years but stopped early last year). Two days ago (forty-eight hours after going on the 10mg Lexipro) I started having muscle twitches, primarily in my left leg (fairly constant) but elsewhere intermittently. Could the twitching be caused by the Lexipro (I've had more side effects from Lexipro than I ever did with Paxil)? I've seen posts around the net where people have complained of muscle twitching after taking an SSRI, including Lexipro (it didn't happened to me with Paxil). Doesn't meclizine work only for inner ear problems or will it improve dizziness from neuromuscular diseases? Any ideas what all this could mean? I wonder if I should be seeing a neurologist first...
Hey Dave--

I just wanted to give you my 2 cents----definitely see a neurologist. Don't wait too long, get this checked out.......
Hi Dave

Ive had Vestibular problems (constant dizziness, imbalance, occasional vertigo attacks, nausea, headaches and tinnitus) for 7 years and BFS for around 5. Im also waiting to go back to my Neurologist as both are getting worse, especially the muscle twitching and spasms.

I would advise seeing both the ENT and the Neurologist as ur symptoms may be unconnected. Meclizine is for nausea and fairly standard treatment for dizziness (does nothing for me unfortunately!).
I have had some of the same problems with the dizzy stuff and lightheadedness and it is worse when walking or standing then what it is when I am sitting. I have been to dr. after dr. and tests after tests and for the last 2 years and still nothing has been found. I went to a neurologist and didn't get anywhere. It is so frustrating and scary. I never had any problems till the 2 months after I had my 2 year old. I think sometimes it has to do with the 2 epidurals that I had with her and I have pain in my back and I have been on some steriod packs and that is the only relief that I get but yet when i first start on them I have a sharp pain and it feels like the needle is going back in and it makes me jerk cause it feels so real but all the drs say that epidurals can't cause that to happen and when I go to a chiropractor I do alright for awhile but I can't go for long cause when they touch my back where I had the epidurals I cry cause it hurts and burns so bad. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Oh and I have also had a mri on my head and I have alot of inflammation on my right sinus cavity and so i am wondering if it could be some of that too. Let me know any info.:confused:

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