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There are so many thing that could be causing the twitching. I have been having muscle twitches (fasciculations) all over my body now for about 2 months. I just met with my neurologist (her nurse practitioner actually) to go over all my test results. I had blood work, MRI of brain and cervical spine, and an EMG and NCS (nerve conduction study). I have a pinched nerve from C7 -T1 and mild carpal tunnel but he could not find any reason for my twitches. THere were some issues with a couple of labs so is sending me to a rheumatologist. So, it was a relief in some aspect as I have no ALS, no Guillian-Barre, nothing major that I thought it might be. So, if anyone else has any suggestions, please let me know. Nurse practitioner had never seen a case where the twitches were benign. However, all of my reading on the internet showed there was such a thing as Benign Fasciculation Syndrome. It is just annoying! Any suggestions? Thanks!

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