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Hi Togbabe. Your symptoms sound very much like what I'm going through. At first I noticed the odd mild dizzy spell but recently they have gotten much worse and I lose balance, especially when going down slopes. I thought I had vertigo but after being but on a course of serc 16 I am as bad as ever. After speaking with a very brainy pre-med friend of mine she felt it could be down to stress, which is a really catch-22 diagnosis as this feeling of vertigo not only is brought on by stress but is also contributing to it!!! I now feel like I'm suffering from panic attacks as I am missing many lectures over this and I am in my final year of University. Unlike you two, I have never been very fit but in the last couple of months, not long before my dizziness worsened, I've been putting in time on an exercise bike...significant??? The vitamin D deficiency may also be true for me as I'm Irish and even though I have very low skin pigmentation, we just don't get any sun in this God-forsaken country!!! My G.P. did however do a lot of blood tests on me and he ruled out a vitamin deficiency. Still, I may as well take some supplements and I'll let you know my progress. Let me know if you find any helpful tips. Good luck to you both and get well!

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