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I experienced severe cramping in my feet, twitches throughout my body, widespread pain and anxiety. I think the anxiety was because I was so scared of what possibly might be wrong with me. Last August I went through withdrawl from vicoden, ambien, and zanax. These were all prescribed by my physician. I was fed up with putting chemicals in my body and went cold turkey. That's when all my symptoms began. I spent thousands of dollars going from Dr to Dr hoping someone could tell me why I was having these symptoms. They all said it had nothing to do with the withdrawl I went through. They did MRIs, Cat scans, x-rays, labs, even a brain scan and could find nothing wrong with me. Thank goodnes I found out evry thing I did't have like MS, Lupus, etc. However I still had the jerking legs, pain, etc. One physician put me on Requip for restless legs but it made my symptoms worse and I stopped taking it. Luckily I found a very knowledgable chiropractor who not only adjusted my body but spoke about the importance of magnesium and suggested I try a powerded supplement caled Natural Calm. I went to a health food store and bought it and used it that night. I was amazed! The very first night I could tell the difference. The painful cramping in my feet was much less and I was able to sleep five whole hours. I hadn't slept longer than two hours at a time since last August. It has now been one week of taking 1/2 teaspoon in the morning and one at bedtime and my symptoms have almost disappeared. I slept 8 hours last night! I am very fearful of drugs now because of what I have gone through and refuse to put anything in my body before I research the side effects. Dr.s are truly trying to help us but if they can't find a valid diagnosis they will usually say you have fibromyalgia and put you on Cymbalta or something similar. Have you checked out cymbalta withdrawls on the internet? Scary! Anyway, don't let your mind get carried away with what you might have. Try the Natural Calm (Do research on it). It might be your answer. Hope it helps you!!

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