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Re: Weak nerves
Jun 13, 2010
[QUOTE=RAMESH R GUPTA;4260320]because of weak nerves my arms tremble while holding
something.vitamins/supplements to solve this problem

I would suggest to do some body building work, weight lifting etc., after you check with your doctor. That not only will strengthen your muscles, but will also release some of that stale energy that reverberates in your system.
Free floating enxiety (from the past), can make one tremble, suppressed or unused and unintegrated anger..or that part of your system having being suppressed, it becomes reactivated as it needs to be part of your normal active self, so even boxing as an exercise, you may find helpful.
Lets not forget integrative massage, which integrates the floating enxiety or suppressed energy into your whole system, so you use it assertively.

Physically, or mentally, or even as lack of the right minerals, you may be getting jittery. Magnesium, is one of the minerals that assists in maintaining normal nerve impulses and shaking or trembling can be the result of deficiency if your body is not producing enough of it-or it may be the result of an overwrought nervous system unloading impulses or short circuting, of which-all of the above fit into this.

I would first check with your doctor whatever you choose to do, to find out that your system can cope with such exertion in exercises, or have tests that such mineral dificiency is present or boost up of it is suitable for you, or that your system does need it.
Good luck

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