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June 27th, 4:15pm-

Sitting in office doing normal work. Felt ok most of day. All of a sudden felt a sensation come over me. Like things paused for a min or a rush of something coming over me. Also felt a little like a hot flash. Caught me off guard. Finished phone call and got drink of water. Didnít fell well until got home about 6:30pm. Went home went to sleep. Felt better overall that night.

Sat June 28th, 1:00pm-

Went to Mcdonalds for lunch. About 30min later started to feel chest pains. No sensation.. Couldnít get comfortable.Went to target 20min away and got thermometer because if felt like I had a sudden fever as well. Also could feel my heart pounding.
Temp normal. Dry mouth. Went home. Tried lying down and couldnít. heart rate beating too fast. Went to doctors care. Was there for about 1 hr before being seen. Once seen heart rate 136 resting, Oxg 95%, Blood pressure 145/93. Did ekg (normal), While there heart rate slowed a little bit. Felt a little better after about 2hrs. Did blood test for hepititis from before. Came back normal. Doctor said anxiety and prescribed Zoloft since I said I didnít like paxil. Also said I can take xanax until Zoloft kicked in. Took xanax for the first few days didnít start Zoloft yet. Doctor also referred me to cardiologist.
Stopped drinking soda altogether- used to drink 5-6x a day. Took Ĺ tab of .5mg xanax as needed. 2x a day.

Tue July 1st 5:00pm- Still having chest pains and overall not feeling well. Was still taking xanax at the time. Took .25mg at 11am. Took 1st dose of Zoloft earlier in the day. Pulse was 114 and blood pressure 160 / 93 . Went to ER and they did ekg(normal) and did blood test for heart enzymes (normal). Said the inner chest wall was inflamed. Prescribed motrin to take for 7 days.

Wed July 2nd 9:30pm Ė Took Motrin 3x a day, Took 2nd dose of Zoloft in morning, No xanax. Very sharp warm painful burning sensation that came over chest and went straight up back of neck. Lasted about 5 min. very severe. Happened while lying in bed watching tv. Waited about 30 min. Took dose of xanax.

Thur July 3rd - Took Motrin 3x a day, Took 3rd dose of Zoloft, Took Xanax at 9am.Went to new doctor. Doctor Jani. Spring Valley Family Practice. Told him whole history. Said That he didnít think Zoloft was right for me said to stop taking. Gave me a event monitor and said as these events happen press monitor.

Friday July 4th- Overall still not feeling well. Took Xanax .25 mg 2x a day per Janiís instructions.

Sat July 5th 8:00pm- Went back to the ER with another sensation over my back of my neck. not as strong as before. Still having chest pains. Pulse 110, blood pressure 150 /92. did ekg (normal) and heart enzyme test (normal). Said they thought it might be anxiety with the inner chest wall pain. Suggested i do stress test. felt dry mouth this time as well.

Sunday July 6th 9:00pm- Felt strong ringing in left ear. Called doctor and he said that I should stop taking Motrin.

Monday July 7th 10:00am- Went back to doctor. He checked hearing. (normal). Also check the results of event monitor to date and showed normal.

Wed July 9th 11:00am- Went to doctor and he did electrocardiogram and it showed normal. Said to stop taking xanax. Took last dose Tue night at 7:00pm

Friday July 11th - Went to new job for orientation session. After sitting in building until lunch. Just didnít feel well. Came back after lunch and started feeling really uncomfortable. Towards end of day. 4:00pm Started to have slight difficulty breathing,
Shortness of breath, Slight tingling in upper right part of skull felt. heart rate start to rise, Left at 4:30pm for emergency room, Pulse 134, Oxg 89%, Blood Pressure 150 / 93, Stayed there until 5:45 to be seen. Still had fast heart rate, Chest pain / discomfort. They gave me a beta blocker to slow down heart rate, After about 1 hour heart rate went to 89-93 resting, blood pressure went to 122 / 75. Did ekg (normal) , Did chest x-ray- (normal),
Did Blood test (normal) , Did cat scan of head and neck (normal). Left about 12am.

Sat July 12th 12:00am - Felt sensations like someone scares you and you stay in that jump state for 20 sec or so. Felt them 3x during the day. When trying to go to sleep right before I can fall asleep feel a little jump or pause like my heart stops for a second.

Sunday July 13th 1:30pm - Lying in bed watching tv. Moved neck and all of sudden my neck started pumping. Left side felt swollen. Much faster then my pulse rate. Felt blood rush to my head. Lasted about 30 sec.

Sunday July 13th 9:00pm- All of sudden started shivering in normal temp 78 deg. Started to feel really bad. Flush in face. Last about 40 min. then went to sleep.

Wed July 16th Ė 10:00pm- Lying on couch watching TV all of sudden was like everything stopped for a second or two. Just ate about 2 hours earlier. Sat up for a second and then walked into parents room. Started shivering in normal temp again 78deg. Felt very strong rush to my left side of face. Very flush , felt very warm. Right side was not as warm. Normal temp with ear temp them. 1 deg colder on right ear though. 96.7 and on left ear 97.8. Started shaking felt strong sharp chest pains on left side. They would come and go, not constant. Felt some pressure in center of chest. Went to Richland memorial. Pulse was 120, Blood pressure 147 / 93 , Still had chest pains 3 hours later and fast pulse, did ekg (normal) , did chest x-ray (normal) , Did blood test heart enzymes (normal) , Check red and white blood cells(normal), Did blood clot test (normal "have been taking asprin for about 5 days once a day") Did urine test (normal), Decided to keep me overnight and collect a 24hr urine sample to test for a pheo.

Thur July 17th- Saw doctor and explained symptoms. 1st time someone said they heard a slight outflow murmur in heart. Thought all these events might be carcinoid syndrome or a pheo, Occasional high blood pressure while there on 2 out of all readings, They did stomach xray Ė normal. Saw psychologists and they said they were not convinced it was anxiety. Took no more asprin.

For the next several days only spoke to 1st or 2nd year residents regarding problems.

Friday July 18th Ė Left hospital at 9pm. Very difficult time sleeping. Called doctor and said I could take 5mg of Ambien tonight to help go to sleep. Went to bed at 2am.

Sat July 19th- 4:00pm went to church and when got there about 4:15pm started not feeling well. Laid in car till 5:00pm. Went into church started feeling a little light headed. Really felt bad. Fatigue and Stomach Upset. Left at 4:45 went home and ate a broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast. Still felt completely drained. Like the flu with out the other symptoms. Blood pressure 138 / 94. Checked again after laid down for 2hrs and 138 / 90. Temp 99.6 Laid down felt really bad until about 10:00pm. Started to feel normal again about 11:30pm. Unable to go to sleep until 2:00am. Tossed and Turned. Felt Hot. Used bathroom 3x today and was diarria.

Sun July 20th- Some lower and upper back pain and slight chest pains on left side on and off. Left Side Dull Chest Pain.

Mon July 21st Ė Mostly normal day. Occassional Left Side Dull Chest pain. Fatigue

Tue July 22nd Ė Occasional Left Side Dull Chest Pain. Fatigue. Diarraa.

All chest pain previous has been on the left side just above nipple slightly to right. Has been dull and fairly constant. Some parts of day are ok and others are more painful. Also have had some pain in middle to left side of back. Same side as chest pain.

Wed July 23rd Ė 11:00am. Did treadmill stress test. Showed Normal. Felt pretty good the whole day. Mostly relaxed in bed. About 10:00pm ate a peanut butter sandwich and then sat up in bed and watched TV. About 11:00pm while lying down. All of sudden in the center area just to the left side extreme sudden sharp chest pain. Came on twice very strong. Sat up for about 10min. It kept coming every 3-5 min or so. When It came on it was extremely intense. On a scale of 1-10 like a 12. Went to ER. Got there about 11:40pm. Somehow sitting up in an odd position would bring it on stronger but no position would make if fell better. Standing up or laying down.. After about 1hr waiting they saw me and did ekg and heart enzyme test. Both came back normal. The internal medicine people came down and saw me and said didnít need to do another chest
x-ray. They thought it might be acid reflux or an ulcer. Suggested I do follow-up with GI people.

Urine test for pheocromocytoma and carcinoid syndrome came back negative

Thur July 24th Ė Started me on previcid 30mg 2x day. Took doses that day and felt a little stomach irritation. Only a couple of small left side dull chest pains again throughout the day.

Fri- July 25th Ė Continued to take previcid 30mg 2x day. Doctor called back and said they wanted to start me on lexapro. About 4pm called doctor and said that the previcid was really making me fell ill to the stomach. He said try to take it until Monday when I had appointment. Ate at 7:30pm. Took dose of previcid and 1st dose of Lexapro at 9pm.
At 11:30pm started having violent heaving. Stuff was coming up but never made it all the way out I swallowed it. Like almost nothing was in my stomach but bile. Last about 15 min of violent heaving. Laid back down. Ate a few soda crackers and 7up. Drank some water. Wasnít able to go to sleep until about 4:15am. Stopped taking Previcid.

Sat July 26th- Was awoken about 8am by an intense burning sensation that started in my lower back and moved up my body to my head. When reached my chest area had sharp chest pain until sensation passed over up to my neck. Happened a couple times during the day lying down not as severe. Some chest pain on left side still. Checked blood pressure right after one sensation and during some chest pain. 120/100. The rest of the day about 138 / 92 , 132 / 85. About 5pm a much more severe burning came over me again with the sharp shooting chest pain. Called doctor said to take a xanax and take a nap. Took .25mg xanax and then went to bed about 1am.

No more real sensations. Still have some upper back , lower back and slight chest pains every once in a while. Did not take another lexapro.

Sun July 27th- Continued to take xanax .25mg 3 times a day. Mostly felt good. Only a couple of time had the left side Chest Pain.

Mon July 28th- Took another dose of xanax .25mg in the morning 9am. Went for doctors appointment at 10am. While at doctors office after sitting I stood up then felt the burning sensation come up my back again. Lasting about 45 sec. Again with sharp chest pain when it reached the chest area. It feels like it moves very slowly. Spoke to doctor (2nd year resident) and he said that after looking at things he thinks itís anxiety and that I should take the xanax and follow-up with an appointment on wed with a psychologist.
Said if the center of my chest hurts in the center like last time I should take previcid. ( Even though it Caused the violent heaving) Said if Iím still having problems in a month call him but that they are not going to do the GI study until then.

Tue July 29th- Took xanax .25mg every 8 hours. 10pm- Sitting on couch. Felt Sharp Back Pain and Chest Pains for 2 hours. Took 1000mg of
Tylenol. Pain woke me up at 3:30pm took more Tylenol. Felt occasional Chest Pains during the day.

Wed July 30th- Still taking Xanax .25mg a day. Went to appointment with psychologist did not think all of this was anxiety or panic attacks. Thought I might have some anxiety though do to the unknown cause. Didnít want to prescribe any SSRIís because of my bad reaction to them. Said they were not familiar with the burning reaction that had with any body they know taking either lexapro or Zoloft. Said to double up on the xanax and see what that does. Went to see another internal medicine doctor and he said he would review my records prescribed Darvacet for chest pain. Darvacet has seemed to lessen the severity of my back pain and taken a little off of my chest pain.

Thur July 31st- Still taking Xanax. Taking Darvacet and still have some chest pain. Today had about a 2 hour period of time in the middle of the day about 1:30pm where I was having labored breathing. Felt like I had heavy weight on my chest. Had to work for each breath. Last time ate was at 10am. Sensation passed and went home and laid down.

Fri Aug 1st- Still taking Xanax .25mg and Darvacet and still have chest pain. Darvacet has helped a little with the back pain. Still feel like something is in my chest only on the left side.

Sat Aug 2nd Ė Still taking Xanax .25mg and Darvacet. Chest pain is still there. Even after taking meds. Tried to take a pepcid complete to see if it would help anything. Actually thought it made things a little worse. As far as chest pain.

-------- To Date Have Lost 25lbs. ----- Have eaten less overall. Mostly a couple of waffles or pancakes for breakfast, a snack like a piece of ham or cheese, TV dinner for lunch, TV dinner for dinner. Maybe another snack in-between meals. Only drinking water.

Aug 5th Ė Not supposed to eat the night before test. Having major chest pains. Took Darvacet at 11pm with food. Offered no relief. Chest pains got worse overnight. More and more pain then nausea in the morning. Chest Pain felt like a crushing sensation. Upper back pain. Pain down the arm when I woke up in the morning.

Aug 6th Ė Went to do barium test for acid reflux. After drinking barium helped nausea but didnít do anything for chest pain. Test showed positive for acid reflux when lying down. After test called doctor about chest pain said I should go to er. Went to er and they did ekg Ė said normal. ( Didnít do chest x-ray or blood tests this time). Did ultrasound of gallbladder and said it was normal. Still having chest pain er doc called my doctor and prescribed 40mg of nexium 2x a day and 10mg of raglen 1x at bedtime. Said chest pain should go away over time.

Aug 13th Ė Still experiencing chest pains and upper back pain. Called doctor and he said he will make appointment with Upper GI Specialist. I asked him if he thought it might be musclular said wasnít sure. Told me I could try Darvacet and that the chest pain and back pain should go away.

Aug 14th Ė Took Darvacet and it actually seem to make it worse. Tylenol by it self seems to help slightly but the Darvacet doesnít.

Aug 16th Ė Saw Specialist and he said he didnít think that everything I was experiencing was acid reflux related. Especially since the nexium and raglan didnít make the chest pain go away by now. Ordered an upper motility and 24hr ph study.

Aug 20th Ė Did upper motility and showed normal. Was only able to complete 12hr of the 24hr ph study because of pain and discomfort. Showed normal.

Aug 22nd- Still having chest pain on a 1-4 scale and Darvacet not helping. Doctor made referral to neurologist.

Aug 24th - Morning. Went to church and started to feel bad. General not feeling well. Some chest pain and upper back pain. Went home. Ate lunch 1pm. Getting ready to leave at 2pm just suddenly didnít feel well and had chest pains and upper back pain. Took 500mg of Tylenol and after 1.5 hrs didnít help. Went to get in car and started sweating a little bit and had cold, clammy skin. Blood pressure normal 127/80 pulse 85. Decided to go to emergency room. Waited for 4hours without being seen and chest pains and upper back pain seemed to worsen. Left and went to Lexington Hospital. Blood pressure 147/95 / pulse 113. They gave me a diludid and it relived pain. Did chest x-ray, ekg, heart enzyme test and cat scan of lungs to check for blood clot in lung. All negative. Thought I should see cardiologist to do better stress test and see neurologist.

Aug 25th Ė Went to see cardiologist. Said he didnít hear anything with heart and that just because of location of pain he didnít think it was acid reflux and that he also didnít think it was heart related since all the neg tests but that since a doctor brought up a better stress test he ordered a nuclear stress test for next week. Thought I should see a neurologist because of some neurological symptoms.

Aug 26th- Went to see neurologist. After 15min of talking to me and exam. Said he didnít think it was anything neurological. Thought that I was on the road to serious pschy problems because I drank 5mos ago and quit. Thinks that I might be a recovering alcoholic and that this pain Iím having is in my head and I should see a support group.
(I donít think he understood my pain or my questions because he really didnít listen to me just read my chart from my previous doctor and was kind of stuck on the fact that I drank 5 months ago)

Currently Taking - Xanax .25mg 2x a day (coming off of it), Nexium 40mg 2x a day.

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