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Began approx 1st March, around 3 weeks after returning from a holiday to Egypt. Bitten A LOT by mosquitoes, unknown if any tick bites. Rode camels and horses and went into desert. Had a red circular rash on wrist, all red, with a small red line leading from it (about 1 inch long) – unknown if this was just from a mosquito bite- but looked different from the rest.

• 2 nights of drenching night sweats
• On third night neurological symptoms began
• Feeling of legs shaking/rocking in bed (initially thought this was an earthquake)
• Buzzing sensations running through body (these seemed to move, from one place to another on different days)
• Feeling of electricity running through body- feels like the electrical charge causes the body rocking
• Excessive muscle twitches/ spasms (can be quite aggressive) all over body
• Weird ear feelings- ear popping, feel like air going through it!?
• Sensitivity to light and sound initially- jumping at the slightest sound (this has resolved)
• Electric shock sensations (woke up one day and leg literally shaking out of bed as if being given electric shock)
• Body/limb jerks upon relaxing/sleeping
• Sensation of ‘rocking’ like laying on a boat and rocking with the tide (when laying down)
• ‘Spins’ sensation upon standing
• Tinnitus (shaky strange sounds, pulsating/pumping kind of sound,buzzing/ringing/humming)
• Feeling of ‘vibration in chest’ feels like there is a motor running inside me- this has made my breath stuttery/ Internal tremors
• Tremor (hands shake- notice when holding magazines/paper)
• Increased heart rate, feeling like heart is pumping out of chest ( this occurred in first couple of months)
• Panic attacks (first couple of months)
• Feeling of ‘juddering’ through body, like there is no smooth transmission of messages through nerves.
• Severe Insomnia- not been able to sleep for 5 months without sedatives or sleeping tablets. However 3rd week into antibiotics sleep is better.
• Fatigue- probably complicated by severe insomnia
• Feeling like body will not relax, nervous system is constantly in overdrive, even when attempting to lay still and relax.
• Short term memory loss
• Diarrhoea – for 24 hours about 2 weeks into illness. Also had lack of appetite and dramatic weight loss in first month.
• Intolerance to alcohol- seems to make symptoms worse (especially red wine)

Tests Done and back normal/negative

• Full blood count
• Lyme (negative)
• Lead Level
• Diabetes
• Thyroid
• Syphilis
• Magnesium Level
• Hormone Level
• Malaria
• Liver Function
• Kidney Function
• Neurological Exam (2 neurologists-normal)
• ECG of Heart (Normal)
• MRI- Awaiting result

Other Tests

• BUPA doctor detected a heart murmur- this requires further investigation
• High Cholesterol Level
• Lung Function (tested as lung age 35 years) I am 27 non smoker

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