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Jun 8, 2012
Hey, thanks for checking out my thread. Here are my symptoms.
-Muscle contractions on left side of body when I stand up from a chair.
-Muscle contractions on left side of body when I walk. This may cause my ankle to turn inwards and cause me to walk on the side of foot.
-The muscle contraction will feel like it moves up to my arm which causes arm to bend and then into face where one side cramps up. This looks like hemifacial spasms.
-Muscle twitches in body. This started in fingers then to muscles in legs and now i feel it everywhere at times.
-Legs shaking when calf muscle is contracted. I looked this up, could this be possible clonus?
These episodes only last about 10 seconds at the most. Is dystonia a constant thing, i am a bit confused. Would love any advice.

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