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I can relate to the previous postings of [U][B]P25416, Dclark99 & sputt[/B][/U] and would like to ask them about the Coral Calcium/ Chiro that they mentioned. Is it still working for them? If not, what have they done up to now and what do they know more since then?

I have a pain in my butt and only have 10 minutes to sit (now the pain is daily since 2010 and was on/off since 2007). The more I sit, the worse the pain gets and moves up my body into my shoulders and into my neck. A fatigue pain up my body. I can end it off with a thumping headache if I keep on sitting. Driving and hard surfaces is intolerable. I had my scans, MRI, blood tests, shockwave, PT's etc.

I have logged into this site last year November and read about the Coral Calcium and Chiro. I was so hopeful that this was the answer and tried both very religiously at the same time. In about 6 days, my pain was gone. It lasted for about a month and a half and the pain came back. Worse than before. Still drinking Coral, Mg and Potassium for what it is worth. Also added Collagen pills. Nothing. Stopped the Chiro in the meantime.

I have had a really bad year, battled only with pain and doctors. I went back to hopping from one doctor to the next. I had to halt my work as it requires about 80% office/sit work.

I am currently being treated for Fibryomalgia (just before I was diagnosed for Ankolysing Spondilitis- thrown out later). These are Auto-immune diseases which are supposedly hard to diagnose. Reading up on it, I can't relate to the symptoms in the context of the disease. I believe because I am currently seeing Rheumatologists, they check me only for Auto-Immune diseases.

In my own time I am trying to do more research on Ischial Bursitis/ Weaver's Bottom and trying to stick with this as it makes the most sense. I have seen a sports physician about this in 2011. He gave me GI Jane core exercises, the shockwave and deep tissue muscle treatments. Nothing worked and he said my last resort is surgery. Didn't like his attitude.

Energy levels are low, and hope I get to something soon. Would love to hear from any other that can relate to this. Has anyone actually healed from this specific butt pain and/ or Ischial Bursitis?
Hey, just a quick note incase it hits home. I have had chronic lumbar pain for decades and is being maintained with 90mg/day methadone.

I was sitting in my easy chair and after about 10 min I found that I could not get comfortable. There was a burning pain in my lower left buttock.

Mri's, xrays, cortisone shots, epidurals 3 doctors and several dollars later came up with nothing. I was treated for ischium bursitis with no results.

Today I was started on gabapentin in the hopes that after it builds up in my body I will have a relief from the "nerve" pain.

Perhaps this is something for you to think about?

God bless.......... MikeH66

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