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... per night to not twitch. I also need to hike 7 miles or less per day on medium level terrain, as hiking on very steep terrain or for more than 7 miles makes me twitch badly. ... (1 replies)
... or the inflammation of the upper hamstring. But the onset of the chest pain followed by the foot twitch never went away. ... (57 replies)
... e me up out of my sleep. It was the sensation of shaking deep inside my body that I could only really perceive when I was laying in bed. I also noticed a little twitch here and there but nothing major at the time. I had a brain MRI and EEG which ruled out MS and Epiliepsy. ... (57 replies)

... ly ignoring this since I am always stressing. I stress during uncomfortable social situations, issues at work or home. In last few months I noticed that my right arm and hand twitch and move in a weird way, from time to time I found myself squeezing or rapidly opening my fist, or shaking my hand. ... (0 replies)
... only 10mg a day for the last 8 years. I started with the eye twitch about 28 years ago,, then onto the legs. So I don't think it is the paxil. The paxil makes mine legs jetty durning the day. but that is not a problem. ... (4 replies)
... am going to start soon. But when ever I do some sort of exercising, my muscles seem to twitch even more. I just don't understand! ... (57 replies)
... Hello everyone! Itís been some time since I wrote. I wanted to update my experiences with my muscle twitching & muscle jerking. It has gotten worse!!! Not only have they increased in number, but they have also become more intense. I have also been experiencing shooting muscle pain that is very painful. This shooting pain only last a few seconds and is very painful. It... (57 replies)
... my twitching is very small. like not entire muscles, just certain areas. almost like a pulse. not your average twitch. I have had muscle twitches in the past when i played lots of sports, but itw as the whole muscle, not like what I have now. thats why i thought it was a vein doing the pulse. (57 replies)
... I have chronic muscle twitching ,it started after months of chronic muscle spasms.I have not taken any meds in years prior to the muscle cramps.My muscles twitch on a constant basis and annoying as all get out. ... (57 replies)
... Hello, lvd- I've not been, but go on Aug. 21. I've seen him once, but all he could offer was high-powered meds. This goes into remission for a few days, then comes back--it's a pattern. I've been noticing that I also can have muscle jumps anywhere. I can have them on my legs a place will jump on an arm, elbow--it's not restricted to my face, but usually hammers me to... (11 replies)
... Two weeks ago I noticed my 2nd toe (after the big one) was feeling numb. It lasted for two days and I brushed it off as being the fact that I was just wearing new sandles. And my feet were elevated and slanted more than usual for many hours. Last week my right eye lid started to twitch. It lasted almost a week. As soon as the eye lid twich stopped I started noticing... (6 replies)
... of my left ear. Having sensitive hearing and tinnitus, I have to wear either muffs or ear plugs. This twitch gives me a loud "Boom" or "thump" every time it fires. I took 7 long hours of torture with it yesterday! ... (5 replies)
... By November 2005, things got worse again. My left arm froze up, and wouldn't swing properly. My boss noticed it at first, and remarked that I was walking like a robot. ... (0 replies)
... zy, I would feel electrifying feeling down my left leg when i stood up fast, I would have tremors my muscles would look like waves because everyone of them would twitch really bad. ... (7 replies)
... e just had a small concussion. Well, four to five days later his headache and dizziness seemed to go away, but he experienced new symptoms. His head started to twitch now and his right arm begins to jerk in a downward motion. He also makes a snorting sound everytime he jerks. ... (0 replies)
... neck area. I have always had a slight twitch in my upper arm. ... (3 replies)
... muscles in the back of my thighs feel like they squeeze up for a second then release. A few times when I'm feeling particularly anxious, I'll wake up and feel my arm or foot jerk. ... (1 replies)
... I have neuropathy, but also suffer from leg and arm jerking, in fact twitches all over. The latest has been a twitch in my left hand. It tends to affect not only my sleep, but my wifes also. I have even fell out of bed. I am only 51. ... (5 replies)
... hought it was just a strain of some sort, and I thought it went away, but a few weeks later I noticed it was back. Most of my fingers on my right hand started to twitch by that point, constantly doing this when I extend my arm fully. ... (2 replies)
Jan 19, 2009
... Hi everyone. I've read this thread and I'm so glad I found it. I have been told that I have myotonia but have not yet had the EMG. That will happen on Tuesday a.m. with a followup neuro appt on Wednesday. My hands don't open when I clench my fists - I can force my fingers open, but if I just relax after clenching, they stay clenched but my thumb relaxes readily. Two... (32 replies)

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