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... Hello all, I've been reading a lot of posts about people concerned with twitching and jerking, and weird movements etc. And I wanted to help you make some distinctions between the lot. ... (17 replies)
BFS Cured
May 1, 2004
... were from. Well, that's not entirely true. There is something that seems to correlate with the twitching but it is hard to explain. ... (6 replies)
... I've had this crazy sensation since December 02. I got really scared because of typing "twitch" on the net and it read people with twitching sometimes have ALS. I was terrified. ... (5 replies)

... valtrex is prescribed for herpes because herpes is caused by a virus. it is antiviral and helps keep the virus dormant. this is why they think it helps BFS because they think BFS is a response to an opportunistic virus. A lot of people get BFS after they fall ill. ... (17 replies)
... The twitching would be apparent and continuous when I'd lied down for the night. ... (6 replies)
... i'm having the same problem can anyone tell me what are the causes of has me in fear because i have very high cholesterol. (2 replies)
... It has, however, been observed that BFS can result from drug toxicity, especially ssri's. ... (17 replies)
... I have a question regarding Benign Fasciculation Syndrome (BFS). THe description says it occurs in Voluntary muscles. I have vibrations/twitches in the area where my esophagus would meet my stomach (like where a hiatal hernia would be), but I don't have a hiatal hernia & have several digestive system tests that have turned up negative. It sometimes feels like a baby kicking.... (2 replies)
... generic for Neurontin. I've been prescribed Neurontin in the past for my muscle twitching because I think the dr. was just trying to calm my nerves down in the hopes that it would settle the twitching down. It actually helped me a little in the past. ... (0 replies)
... I had an MRI a few years ago to rule out MS, that was normal. Seen the neurologist a month or so ago about the twitching and he diagnosed it as BFS, benign fasciculation syndrome. Now the jerking has started so I'm off to see my family Doc today. ... (57 replies)
... Yes Shawn, what you have is in fact more akin to a movement disorder than BFS. BFS is seemingly random, while what you describe has triggers, i.e. a certain event CAUSES you to have uncontrolled movement. ... (17 replies)
... although I had bfs issues before I started taking ssri's that was one of the reasons i started taking them, so i dont kno w if they made my situation worse or not. ... (17 replies)
... wow that really sucks because I took Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil in the past for anxiety reasons. They never did anything that helped with bfs though, and i just read about the anti psychotic effects you are telling me about, a few days ago. I didnt realize that ssri's were included in that. ... (17 replies)
... Hi, I have been experiencing muscle twitching sine 13th January 2010 after the vaccination of normal flu shot and h1n1 vaccine, also i get burning/cold sensation and tingling. and today i am experiance shoulders discomfort especially my left side inc my hand but no weeknes. could this be stress, BFS, anxiety or begining of ALS?? (57 replies)
... for 7 years and BFS for around 5. Im also waiting to go back to my Neurologist as both are getting worse, especially the muscle twitching and spasms. ... (3 replies)
... I'm very interested in hearing other success stories with BFS from valtrex, personally, but if you try hypnosis or if you know anyone who has let me know. ... (17 replies)
... e. It's very upsetting to me. I started noticing a numbness feeling for a few months here and ther in the left foot, then boom.. it's been like all this week a twitching in the one toe that i can see moving all by itself. I'm freaking out about it. I'm trying to figure out what Dr. to see for this. ... (6 replies)
... im certainly looking for things to try within reason. Im just a little uncertain on what would be a good idea. That is wonderful that you are overcoming your bfs situation, praise the lord, im really glad to here that. ... (17 replies)
... Hey Shawn. I will certainly let you know. I am going to try hypnosis for other problems. My BFS is being stopped by baby sunflower greens. Yes what you have sounds a bit a facial contortion or what they call a "tic".. ... (17 replies)
... happy, laughing and stuff. If I am just being normal its a huge problem. Man i hate this crap, hope I can figure something out soon. Does valtrex lead to a worse bfs condition in some ppl? ... (17 replies)

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