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... Sorry to hear what your daughter is going through. Most of my dystonic storms also occur out of sleep, although occasionally they happen when I'm awake completely. ... (26 replies)
... As far as I know, there isn't a way to stop a dystonic storm. There are medications you can take when the storm is starting that shorten the length of the storm, but they won't stop it. ... (26 replies)
... Could someone explain what a "dystonic storm" is? I have cervical dystonia (recently diagnosed) have seen the term dytonic storm, but I'm not sure what it means. Thanks (3 replies)

... how to stop a dystonic storm (26 replies)
... I had another storm last night, pretty big, really painful. I managed to dial my dad on the phone as it was starting and he came and sat with me. ... (26 replies)
... has been for me. I have Dystonia, and Zolpidem stops my dystonic storms. Completely. Temporarily, but completely. ... (0 replies)
... (26 replies)
... Actually my 6 year old daughter suffered a brain injury 4 years ago, and now has cerebral palsy and generalized dystonia. She began having dystonic storms in January of 2007. ... (26 replies)
... welcome to the boards. As of yet, I have never really found a way to stop the storms from coming on. I suffer from Cervical Dystonia. When I first started having dystonic attacks in my neck, I would go to the ER and get a shot of Sedrol Medrol which is a shot of Prednisone and something else combined. ... (26 replies)
... Hi Dystonic in Va, can u tell me what part of your body is effected by dystonia? ... (26 replies)
... Hi Hammy, my name is Monica and I hope you are still on this site. I also have a daughter who has the same symptoms as your daughter. She started getting hers spasms (as we call them as no one has ever told us they are dystonic storms) when she was 5 years old. They lasted for about 2 months - the doctors put her on clonazopam. They then disappeared for about 3 years , but... (26 replies)
... not to do to bring one on, on a daily basis. But I do still get them sometimes all I have to do is sneeze real hard and that can cause one. The only thing about dystonic attack is that it's doesn't give you much of a warning. So therefore, it doesn't give you a chance to stop one. I do hope this specialist helps your daughter. ... (26 replies)
... as if that were even possible during a dystonic attack! ... (26 replies)
... houlder. The only time I can extend it out is to put my clothes on. If I extend it for any other reason then that it sends sharp pain up my arm and also causes a dystonic attack. I'm also glad to hear that you have found a movement specialist and I hope the doctor can help her. ... (26 replies)
... ather changes causes alot of mine especially severe weather. Also I can't do nothing that requires my to reach my arms over my head because that brings on severe dystonic attacks. I also can bend over alot like working out in my yard planting flowers because that brings on the back spasms. ... (26 replies)
... Thank you both for your well wishes. Hammy, I certainly don't find it helpful to have someone touch me. I do know when I'm having increased dystonia, not a storm, that if someone tries to move me I get way worse. For example, I was twisting really badly in my spine and my dad tried to counter the twisting by pulling me the other way. I immediately ended up COMPLETELY... (26 replies)
... Hammy, The best doctor for dystonia is a specialist in the neurology field called a Movement Disorder Specialist. They work with dystonia more than any other doctor. I highly recommend finding one of these doctors for your daughter. I don't know if the hot baths are making it too hot for your daughter. I do know that during a severe attack, my physical therapist thought... (26 replies)
... ntly into the left side of my neck and spasm involuntarily. Sometimes this involves an involuntary rocking motion of my torso. On occasion, I become dizzy during dystonic storms. ... (19 replies)
Nov 8, 2008
... It's really twisting and hurting my ribcage and neck more. I'm starting to have pain with breathing. I don't know what to do about that either. I hear that a dystonic storm can come on in a few weeks, I'm worried that's why things are getting so bad so quickly, that I'm having a dystonic storm. ... (32 replies)
Jan 21, 2009
... sinemet, I had OGCs too, and severe bouts of chorea which was torture. I couldn't stop moving for hours, so my arms were moving around... then it switched to a dystonic storm with my whole body in spasm for 4 hours. ... (32 replies)

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