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... Hi bjumbles !! :) I am 43 years old. I have been tested possitive to HNPP. My father used to have it and my brother have it too. There is not any benefit to being tested. (2 replies)
... (2 replies)
... I suspect that I have HNPP. I'm a 55 year old woman. Since I was about 25, I've had probably 60+ episodes of lasting numbness and loss of sensation in my hands, feet, arms and legs. Some of them last for months. Doctors have never provided helpful treatment. I've learned to treat myself by identifying the pressure point, avoiding re-injury, and taking ibuprofen. My father... (2 replies)

... d it seems very annoying. It's odd there's so little information about the condition. I was diagnosed by one of the few doctors in Sweden who actually knows what HNPP is, and even he didn't have much information about it. ... (4 replies)
... My legs are very strong except for that one area and my ankle area too, I have troubles there sometimes after walking a long distance. HNPP is a bummer, but I figure we're lucky because it's not as bad as a whole lot of other diseases. ... (4 replies)
... We went to the neurologist yesterday, obviously he can't tell us any more than we already know, but at least dh is starting to note that he needs to keep an eye on the situation, he could not walk properly for weeks and had terrible drop foot, we thought he would end in a wheelchair at one point :eek: But as the blasted thing does one day he woke up fine. His arm is more... (4 replies)
... hi, am glad i found this thread :) , my husband has had hnpp symptoms since he was 16, (completely dead arm for months) finally diagnosed at 19, but told very little about this condition, he has basic symptoms on a day to day basis, fingers scalp hand etc, and we are not to worried about this, recently however his right leg has gone completely dead and he has drop foot really... (4 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with HNPP and am looking for information from others with this autosomal-dominant disorder. I have a lot of pain in my hands and feet so at this point it is almost welcome when they go numb! If you are willing to tell me a little info if you happen to know, it would be most welcome! :wave: (4 replies)
... Ive posted here a few times but really nothing in depth, I find myself back here because i have no where else to turn.:dizzy: My husband suffers hnpp, he has a complete truncheon blockage in his upper left arm it has been persistant for 10 years but over the last 14 months it has never got better, he now has muscle wastage in one of his muscles and cannot move his arm away... (4 replies)
... y i do what i can to assure him that his insecurity is because of his disability and there is nothing wrong with him that i love him for who he is and i love his hnpp just as much as he wouldnt be the person he is without it. ... (5 replies)
Body numbness
Jul 25, 2004
... Hi, my son had something like that happen when he was 15. The first neurologist couldn't figure it out, so we went to a different one. We found out my son has Hereditary Neuropathy with Pressure Palsies, abbreviated as HNPP. It's diagnosed with a DNA test. There is a website somewhere that has lots of information. When you have HNPP, you are missing a chromosome that makes... (1 replies)
... john449thanks for that piece of info, my dh has been looking there as cmt sufferers seem to get it a bit more than hnpp sufferers, its just trying to encourage him to look, he just doesnt want to deal with it. But it is some thing we got to deal with. ... (4 replies)
... I dont know what HNPP is ,but i have had a Neuromuscular paresis or paraperesis for 7 years i beleive is and was caused by a Virus in the Central Nervous system . ... (5 replies)
... Hi i was wondering if you had been tested for hnpp,heritary neuropathy liability to pressure palsies. my husband has it and his grandfather was wrongly diagnosed with ms back in the war, your symptoms sound similar, its easy to test through dna although it is hereditary so one of your parents must have it, but not everyone gets symptoms that bother them, my husband is 27... (1 replies)
Apr 5, 2004
... I have been on Neurontin for just over a month and have had some weight gain. Other than that it has been a blessing for my HNPP! (3 replies)

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