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Hello, I have a simular situation. 5 months ago I went to the doctor with pain in my leg, mostly in my foot. But also a very tight feeling in my whole leg. The same time I started with twitching in my whole body and face. My right foot had a very little swelling and a small red patch, almost unnoticable. The doctor send me to the neuro. There he checked my blood and saw the fasciculations. I also had EMG. There was something not good. He send me to an ALS centrum because he suspected that because there was strenghtloss in my Calve and foot. I Asked About the red patch and little swelling but he didnt see Any difference betweter my feet. The professor in the ALS centrum did also mri of my back and EMG. Her diagnose was lumbosacral Plexopathy. Because iT started with pain in my foot and afterwards strenghtloss. I Asked her to look at the difference in my foot, but she didnt see iT also. The twitching and my constant twitching eye were a coiincedance she said. I had to wait several months she Sad and must go to a physio for excerices to keep the muscles busy. I couldn,t walk right anymore. I didnt belief this diagnose because the main pain was in my foot and my foot was on fire. So I Asked the fysio if he could make a echo of my foot. It turned out I had a stress fracture and I know for sure now a pinched or damaged nerve in my foot. Over 2 days I get a second opinion by the neuro. I think you have a trappend nerve also. You have to found out where. IT can also be in your case lumbosacral Plexopathy because of your birthgiving. Or that your sciatic nerve is pinched. Ask for a mri of your leg or back where you think the pain is the most. Sorry iTS so long. Somewhere a nerve is misfiring I think! Good luck!

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