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[QUOTE=Vette907;5360970]So things have been getting better and I thought all was well. I have been seeing a therapist and taking some anti-anxiety medication. My most recent test was over a month ago which was an EMG and some auto immune tests that all came back clean. However, four days before my EMG things had gone to hell.

About four days before my EMG I developed some pain in my pinky with some tingling I thought nothing of it because I thought I slept on my hand. Despite this minor inconvenience my EMG results came back clean. I had the EMG results to rule out any nerve damage or spinal impingement as I have two bulging and a small herniated disk in my neck. However the MRI showed no compression on the spinal cord but the EMG was a preventative measure.

After the EMG results, the pain in my pinky continued and some numbness spread to the side of my hand and wrist, so I went to a walk in orthopedist place who did some physical tests that came back normal and did an X ray of my hand and wrist which came back normal. They said it could be some tendonitis and its is compressing a nerve in my pinky which should go away in a week or so. They gave me a splint and told me to take Advil and I was on my way.

As the week progressed things took a turn for the worse, although my pinky pain was going away the numbness and tingling spread to the top of my hands which would come and go. I began wearing a carpal tunnel splint because somehow I must of done something to injure my wrist and compress the nerve. I figured since I was leaning on my hand because I had been working on my car the past few days, I might of irritated the nerve and it would go away.

Well the tingling has not gone away and has gotten worse and has even spread to my palm and fingers. Sometimes my elbow hurts as well. I also noticed when touching my elbow that I have a decent sized moveable nodule under skin near my ulnar nerve which could also be causing problems. On my follow up neurologist visit I told him my symptoms and he said its possible its coming from my neck. But I told him i did not do anything to cause my disks to get worse and I have had no neck pain. Also my EMG showed no impingement. I requested an upper extremity MRI after I showed him the nodule and he would not give it to me since its not his area of expertise. He referred me to and orthopedic doctor. He said the nodule could be causing the ulnar nerve issues but not the carpal tunnel ones. Although he said its possible its coming form my neck he wont rule out that's its coming form my hand itself.

My appointment for the orthopedic surgeon is Monday. I really want to get answers and I hope he can give me an Upper Extremity MRI and remove this nodule.

I never had carpal or ulnar nerve issues and I don't know how it could happen so rapidly within a month and its progressing worse. I cant take any more Advil as my stomach hurts and the Splint is less effective. I am really scared and in alot of discomfort. My whole palm hurts and the top of my hand tingles and burns, and I get some cold sensations along my elbow.

I may also need another EMG to pinpoint what is happening. But I honestly believe something in my arm is causing my ulnar and median nerve to be irritated. Although it could be from my neck, I highly doubt it as my bulges and small herniation are not impinging on any nerves and I was told they go away on their own.

What do you guys think and can anyone relate? Also how can I get the orthopedic doctor to give me the MRI I want. I cant wait any longer, as my hand and elbow is bothering me alot and nothing seems to help.[/QUOTE]

rheumatiod arth has the nodules and can cause all if this BUT i would encourage you to also research thoracic outlet syndrome

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