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Hey everybody. This is a long grin and bare with me. Back in Jan I went to a massage therapist to help cure what I thought was shoulder tendonitis. I was dead wrong. Turns out I had knots sitting on top of my brachial nerves. The therapist took care of it and told me I really needed additional work done. My back was a mess. He told me to take a magnesium supplement and stay away from the gym for a couple of days. I went back a couple of days later and continued working out. In March I got the same pain in my trap and was also getting tingling and weakness in my arm. Went to my doctor and ordered my physical therapy. Didn't order an MRI. By the time I got to therapy my neck started giving me issues. The therapist was very mad at my doctor for not ordering an MRI. She said it like a trapped nerve In the cervical spine. She showed me some exercises and stretches and I was feeling pretty good. I stayed away from weights. During the duration of a couple of PT sessions I was walking on a tread mill one night. I began getting weakness in both arms, my neck, my right leg, and started getting dizzy. I went to the ER. The ER just said I had a nerve problem. The did a CT scan just incase of stroke..but found nothing. They told me to follow up with my doctor and have him do an MRI of my spine.

I went back to my doctor a few days later and told him what happened. He said, "You're fine...just continue therapy." After a few more therapy sessions I was feeling great again. The weakness in my arm started going away along with my neck issues. My therapist told me I was very in balanced as far as muscle and told me to focus on back as that was lagging. I went back to the gym with light weight and was doing really well. I had some mild burning in my neck and shoulder. I went to my chiropractor and his sub was in for him. I told her what was going on. She said immediately, "This is muscle..not spine." She had me take my shirt off and look at my back. She said, "Oh my god your back is a mess!" She pushed on certain parts of my back and I was in PAIN! It hurt. She recommended me to a great massage therapist. I went to his office a few days later and found dozens of knots..everywhere. He said you need additional work done. I was feeling even better after the session. I took a few days off from the gym and went back. At the gym I started getting pain in my right leg. Didn't think anything of it. Just thought it was muscle. I continued working out. That night I was started getting weird sensations in the back of my neck. I felt dizzy (Unbalanced), nauseated, and had a hard time walking. The next day I felt fine. I went back to the gym and nearly fell on the floor from dizziness. My neck was tight as well. I knew something was wrong. I went to my doctor. He brushed me off and told me I had to deal with it.. I lifted weights. Yeah...

After a few days my hands were getting clumsy and my coordination was terrible. I went to an orthopedic doctor. He told me It sounded like I had nerve irritation in my neck or a herniated disc. He ordered an MRI. It came back clean. He referred me to an neurologist. The neurologist kinda' brushed me off. I'm not seeing any major nerve damage or warning're MRI looks good. Looks like nerve irritation. I'll do an MRI of your brain to see if may this is MS. The MRI came back perfect. I went to visit an ENT. He told me he didn't see any issues. Maybe an issue with the vestibular system..but that heals over time. He told me I probably had an issue in my spine. SO..I went back to the orthopedic doctor. He laid me down on the table and said my legs and lower back were very tight. He thought maybe that was my problem. He ordered physical therapy. I requested the same therapist I worked with previously. She was baffled by some of my new symptoms. She said I had no mobility in my lower back and my legs were incredibility tight. After a session with her... man I was feeling great. I thought.. maybe this is my problem. I still had some neck issues after..but nothing bad. Saw the spine therapist and she told me it could be nerve related, too. She showed me an exercises. Over the weekend my neck felt pretty good. Occasional leg pain..nothing major. Just continued my stretches and exercises.

Come Tuesday I had horrible dizziness. My balance was bad..neck was stiff... Coordination was bad. I was the spine therapist yesterday. She now thinks it's mechanical. Bad posture from sitting in front of a computer all day at work and lifting weights. I've ALWAYS had good posture. Whether standing or sitting. People would always tell me that my posture was crazy good. She showed me some exercises..but it only made it worse. Today I work up with spasm in both legs and twitching in my arms. I was in fear. The twitching is gone, but my neck is still stiff. I've been getting headaches as well. This is scary. I can't seem to get ANY answers from ANYONE. One person tells me it's spine... another tells me it's muscle. I don't know what to do. I'm scared. I'm not walking right.. I'm not aware of my surroundings.. it feels like I'm not aware of my surroundings. I've been to the ER twice and they shipped me out with muscle relaxers and a pat on the back. This is ridiculous. If anyone has any answers or advice I w ould really appreciate it.

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