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Hi, I have been diagnosed with Periphial Neuropathy since having really strong chemotherapy in 2011. I had the most awful feeling from my knees down during my chemo, and a bit in my hands, this sort of went away! But four years on my hands are feeling awful, and i have things wrong with my feet and lower legs but i dont know if this is all part of the neuropathy or not as i know nothing about it.
With my feet if i stand up they go dead, totally dead and then when i do move i get terrible pins and needles feeling, but it hurts......Is this the neuropathy?
When i sit down in my armchair at night my feet go ice cold, they almost feel wet??? and my lower legs go ice cold and feel numb, but if i touch them i can feel them?
In bed at night i get a horrible feeling in my feet, they have to keep moving all night long and this keeps me awake most of the night, i think the moving is restless leg syndrome.

My hands.....First of all it started off with my hands go completely dead when im on my lap top and ice cold, i have to put them down by my sides for the life to come back into them and then i can start typing again. If i hold my mobile phone to my ear my hand goes dead?
Now this next part i know is the neuropathy because ive had it since chemo and its slowly getting worse and worse, if i knock my hands, I.E. as i'm going out the door i knock my hand on the door frame, this is much more painful than it should be, but it leaves my hand sort of vibrating, buzzing and it goes on for a really long time!
Also i went to see a show and at the end i clapped, my God how i wished i hand't, i cannot clap at all any more as i can't cope with that horrible vibration feeling all through my hands, its horrible and goes on for ages.
Things seem to be getting worse as now after four years since treatment i suddenly cannot swipe my hand over my sofa to brush off any crumbs etc, it just feels awful again with that horrible vibration/buzzing feeling in my hands and again it goes on for ages, i then curl my hands up and hold them against my body and this is really soothing.

Is this what your guys get also, does it carry on getting worse because mine seems to be.

Caza .

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