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I was diagnosed with PN yesterday. It's good news and bad news for me.

I had a posterior fossa brain tumor resection 4 years ago. Prior to that I had been competing in Ironman competitions. After surgery I was told I'd be running again in a few months. And I was. Only problem was that I'd go into paralysis after about 15 minutes of running or biking. I saw countless neurologists and none of them could figure out what the issue was. So I stopped going. And stopped competing. It's left a terrible hole in my life.

This year I had a really serious sinus infection. One doc treated me with the wrong class of antibiotics for 6 months. I had two surgeries and, still infected, a new surgeon put me on Flagyl. Within days I began feeling sluggish. After two weeks it got so bad that at times I could barely move.

The good of it all? Now I know the name of the 'mystery' paralysis I experience after exercise.

The bad of it is I now experience PN symptoms all the time (mostly in the form of weakness and exhaustion/paralysis). I just stopped taking the Flagyl, so I'm hoping that the symptoms abate. But what I'm looking for now are theories--your theories about what's the fundamental cause of my PN. Do you think the Flagyl just aggravated my existing, but semi-dormant PN symptoms? Or did it cause the exact same type of PN coincidentally? And, as I'm trying to find the fundamental cause of my PN--what do exercise and antibiotics have in common that would trigger PN?

I'll be discussing all this with several doctors in the near future, too--but I honestly think you all here have a better grasp of it than anyone I'll see. Any/all responses are greatly, greatly appreciated.

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