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Hi. I have had pins and needles in left foot for over two years. Took cipro for infection and believe this may be cause. Constant pins and needles which I've just dealt with. This week, now behind my ankle is constant pulsating, like a cell phone. It's driving me crazy. All day and night.

I had emg when I first had the nerve damage and doctor said it was not CNS related.

Within last month, I've developed all over body twitching. Comes and goes. I'm not too worried about it. I have been having bouts of big toe pain in left foot, electrical like, hurts like hell then it stops. But the issue is, is that before there was no pain, now there is.

Two days ago, my left calf started feeling very stiff. Feels tight when I move or walk, in fact I'm walking different. But to touch calf it seems ok. The tightness feels like what happens before a Charlie horse, like if I move wrong way, ill get a severe cramp. It's not normal.

I have Neurologist appt in a few weeks.

Any idea as to what is going on? Is the neuropathy getting worse?

Can these nerve issues cause my calf to become stiff?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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