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[QUOTE=NHChic;5386997][QUOTE=Albertakewl;5386830]I have been dealing with this for a year now. Mine started 15 days after vaccine. Started with sharp pain all over the body. That suit and went to tingling and the feeling I was wearing something on all my lower limbs. Two months after it started I started to try and go back to sleep and I couldn't because every time I try one of my limbs will jerk. Then I notice body twitching the same time. That's when my left side of my body felt like it was asleep. That part has gotten better but my left leg. And left foot feel numb? If you rub the top of the foot or walk u will feel the tingling. A couple days here and there. Were the twitching almost stopped. I am not weak. I seen a nueroligist once. He said he doesn't no whats wrong. I passed all nueroligical test. He said it's almost like the brain is irritated . He told me not one test will show anything . My left side really bothers me.
I have gotten bee sting like sensation all over sometimes. Plus the pulsating to.and my left foot feels cold sometimes.
I take vitamins to.
not old age. Lol I am only 29
I am trying to get the Dr to do a skin biopsy[/QUOTE

hi. You've been through a lot. I didn't realize vaccines could do damage like this. I hope your doctor does further investigating What will a skin biopsy do? Best wishes.[/QUOTE]

Hello. It's been a ride thru hell. I'll never get Another vaccine again. I didn't think they would do this. And then looking online. There's a lot of people with adverse reactions from any vaccine. I have had a nct. Thy won't do an emg or any other test because the nueorligist said it won't show anything. He called if centeral sensitization where the brain is irritated. Because my nueoligical exam was normal. I've had 2 mri. And seen and internist that said cipd. But he said no. I got my primary Dr referral for another nct . She didn't want to. But she did. It's really hard to adjust to this. I was complelty healthy until I got these vaccines. I am really tempted to get a 2nd opinion from another Dr. They don't think it was from the vaccines. But of course not. Vaccines will never hurt you they say. It's ruined my life.
the reason why I want a skin biopsy because it will show up small fiber neuropathy. Even when your nueorlogical exam is normal. I just need to find someone who cares. Keep in mind. Ive talked to 5 people or more that has had theses issues after the vaccine .

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