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When I say migrating I mean that the tingling sensation will jump from finger to finger and from toe to toe throughout the day. Sometimes it will migrate to the top of my hands. At times this sensation also causes my fingers to ache. It has been going on for about a month now. My left arm has been bothering me for a while. I can only describe it has a perceived weakness but it functions normally compared to the right arm. Also, the last week I have developed random muscle twitches all over my body...completely random locations. Occasionally I will have a dull ached in my upper back and at time my left eye just feels off but I can see fine. The only time all these symptoms seem to subside is when I'm participating in an activity that gets my mind off of it. Social drinking with friends seems to work fine. Prior to all this I went through 3 months of issues relating to my pancreas. It has been resolved but my anxiety went through the roof during this time. Not sure if it's related though.

Any thoughts?

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