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Jan 27, 2016
Last March I was bitten by a dog twice on the back of my leg.
After several months of it burning almost 24/7 my doctor told me the dog bite caused nerve damage & referred me to a neurologist.
Currently I am on my 3rd med. Gabapentin was the 1st one. After almost 2 months we realized that there were too many side effects, and it was not easing the pain. The 2nd med was Nortriptyline which caused serve itching, so it was dropped very quickly. I am currently on Lyrica which seems to be providing some relief. Actually its like the pain is more outside rather than totally inside.
Prior to Lyric I was taking a couple of Extra Strength Acetaminophen or 1 Percogesic and Acetaminophen 3 to 4 times a day, some type of over the counter sleeper every night. When not working I was taking a couple of percoesics 2 or 3 times a day, but ended up too dopey to do anything but sleep.
Now after being on the Lyrica for about two months I'm only taking the over the counter meds once or twice a day, and the sleeper a few times a week. I will admit that it was really hard to get over some of the inital side effect of Lyrica like the morning dopiness.
I was wondering if anyone had a similar situation, & how long they had to be on drugs for nerve damage due to an injury. My nurse practitioner and neurologist have told me that it is something that might never heal, but always have to be taken care of by meds.

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