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I had a very successful Carpal Tunnel Release surgery on my right hand! A month later I had another one on my left hand, which has been extremely compromised. I have tingling & numbness in my pinky and ring fingers. They are curling inward and can only be forced to full extension (with pain to the joint of the pinky). I have weakness in my other three fingers and cannot move my middle finger from side to side or spread any of my fingers (only my thumb can move from side to side when trying to open/spread my fingers. Six days after the endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery a Guyon's canal release and ulnar nerve neurolysis was performed. The surgeon informed me that he checked the ulnar nerve and it was not damaged during the CTS surgery and having released pressure through the second surgery (Guyon's canal release) the pressure should be relieved and I should have my mobility back and the numbness should subside. It has been 3+ weeks since the CTS and over 2 weeks since the second surgery and I am exactly the same. The surgeon told me that nerves heal at a rate of appx. a millimeter a day and given the position of the incision for the CTS surgery that as the healing should start at the wrist and work it's way down to other affected nerves so we should know more in 3-4 months. He recommended that I force my fingers all the way open (flatten them) even if it's painful and begin physical therapy beginning tomorrow. I am wondering if I should find another Dr. and start the process of trying to fix something that seems like it may be a mistake he made or wait this out. I cannot wear anything with zippers or buttons, tie my shoes, cut my food, etc. Any insight is appreciated!

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